New Medical Assistant Club for Students at MSB-Lakeville

Posted by on September 24, 2014

Minnesota School of Business-Lakeville’s medical assistant program had their first official student organization meeting!

Medical assistant students involved in SMAC

The meeting involved four students, which is 100 percent of existing medical assistant students whom are going to be on campus next quarter. All new students and returning students from summer-out will be invited to join the group at the next meeting on October 24. Topics of discussion included what the club would be called, its purpose/direction, which opportunities are available for members, community involvement, and we even personalized Minnesota school of Business T-shirts with puff paint!

The Student Medical Assistant Club, or SMAC, will be completely student run. An advantage to a smaller student body of future medical assistants is that all students who get involved will not only have opportunities to network and help the community, but will be able to volunteer for chair positions within the group. These chair positions will look great on a resume, giving students experience and extracurricular participation to show as evidence to potential employers.

SMAC President Katie Savoie

Currently, positions are held by the following members:

President: Katie Savoie

Vice President/Recruitment: Stephanie Tricker

Community Organizer/Treasurer: Kaitlind Sandilla

Recording Secretary: Danielle Wagner

Faculty Student Group Advisor: Jamie Gill-Sanchez, CMA

Many exciting on-campus and off-campus activities and events are currently in the planning stage, and a web presence for this group will soon become a reality. Potential medical assistant students, current medical assistant students and anyone else that is curious about SMAC may email Stephanie Tricker for more information or details!

Written by Jamie Gill-Sanchez


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