10 Internet Marketing Jobs with a Bright Future

Posted by on September 24, 2014

Content MarketingThe internet has changed the way we shop and has changed and the way we behave as consumers. The average consumer now shops online at least once per month. Most of us research products online before we buy. I even found my house online and had toured the rooms before we actually walked through the front door the first time.

Companies and marketing agencies have responded to this shift by adding employees with internet marketing skills. They need people with the skills to optimize their online presence and connect with customers. Companies are building websites, social media profiles, blogs and lots of content to reach out to the customers.

These jobs may not have existed 15 years ago, but they are growing and evolving now. Some of the top digital marketing jobs include:


1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Specialist

SEO specialists focus on raising the search engine rankings of websites by using keywords, linking strategies and by optimizing the structure and copy of the site. Search engines and social media platforms tend to change their algorithms frequently and this keeps SEO specialists on their toes and in demand.

2. Social Media StrategistInternet Marketing Careers

Social media strategists will do the research and then develop the social media strategy for an organization based on their findings. Their goal is to increase the visibility and traffic for a brand or product. As a social media platform evolves, the social media strategist must make adjustments to continue promoting their brand.

3. Search Engine Marketer (SEM)

Search engine marketers formulate and execute paid advertising campaigns through search engines such as Google and Bing. They research and create keyword and bidding strategies and then measure their success through click-through and conversion rates.

4. Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing managers oversee all of the electronic advertising for an organization or client. This could include traditional media like TV and radio as well as internet advertising through paid search and social media. They are responsible for the planning, design and placement of ads to meet the goals of their client.

Internet Marketing Jobs5. Digital Strategist

A digital strategist will tie all of the advertising for an organization together. This could include web, social, search, mobile and traditional advertising. They depend on consumer insights and data to make their decisions and measure outcomes. This is a vital role for brands with multi-channel marketing.

6. Brand Manager

A brand manager will use market research and consumer trends to plan marketing and advertising campaigns to increase brand awareness and value. They are responsible for positioning a product or service in the marketplace to optimize presence and appeal to consumers.

7. Content StrategistInternet Marketing Jobs

As organizations are producing more and more content, content strategists research, plan and manage content. They consider what content works best on what platform to reach and engage consumers. They plan out what content will be produced and how it will be used.

8. Mobile Marketer

A mobile marketer plans and implements mobile-friendly marketing campaigns. Responsive design is important so that digital assets can be viewed from multiple different screen sizes, whether it be a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. User experience has a big impact on the success of advertising campaigns.

9. Community Manager

A community manager wears multiple hats, mixing content creation, PR, communications and social media into one position. Community managers promote an organization online and in person to consumers, the media and internal employees.

10. Analytics Adviser

Every comment, click and “like” creates data. An analytics adviser collects, measures and interprets the data to help inform new marketing strategies. They will work with the rest of the marketing team to plan campaigns and measure the results so alterations and improvements can be implemented.

Marketing agencies and companies continue to evolve to optimize their appeal to online shoppers. Internet marketing jobs will continue to grow and change to fit the needs of these organizations. If you are interested in a dynamic career that will keep you engaged and always learning, check out internet marketing.





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