Vet Tech Students (and Achilles) Get Hands-On Learning at Emergency Vet Clinic

Posted by on September 23, 2014

Veterinary technology students from Minnesota School of Business-St. Cloud recently visited the emergency vet clinic, Affiliated Emergency Veterinary Services (AEVS), located in St Cloud, Minnesota. They were able to work hands-on with the equipment available there. Michelle Booth, CVT, who has worked at AEVS for 11 years, was eager to give her Imaging students this opportunity.

(Left to right): Tonie Scholz, Josie Weber and Tara Fountaine

“This gives the students a chance to step out of the classroom and experience a true clinic setting with equipment not available in class,” said Booth. The students got to see and practice how an endoscope works along with the many tools used with it. If there is an obstruction that needs to be removed (from either end of the animal), there are various forceps available that are fed down the endoscope. One such tool is also used for retrieving biopsy samples.

The veterinary technology students, Tara Fountaine, Tonie Scholz and Josie Weber, next got to use an ultrasound device to locate the bladder and kidneys of the mighty Achilles (the pet pit bull visiting for the day). Achilles even allowed them to extract a sample of urine directly from his bladder.

The AEVS also has a digital X-ray machine on hand, which makes working and altering the X-rays trouble-free. The veterinarian can zoom in and out, as well as make the image lighter and darker with a couple button clicks. Achilles was a little hesitant to get up on the table but the gentle hands of the students made the experience tolerable.

“Visiting the emergency vet clinic was very educational for me. Understanding all the technology and all the procedures they do there is amazing. The digital X-ray was my favorite machine. I hope one day to have a chance to work in an emergency vet clinic,” said Scholz.

AEVS has also been the site of many externships that have passed through the veterinary technology program.


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