Digital Video Student Wins Community Service Scholarship

Posted by on September 22, 2014

Teresa Berg-Hamilton, a student in the digital video program at Minnesota School of Business-Richfield (MSB), is the winner of a community service scholarship this summer. This scholarship awards $500 per quarter (up to $2,000) in tuition assistance for qualified students who volunteer in their community.

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Digital video student Teresa Berg

Teresa was awarded the scholarship after she submitted a brief essay describing her work volunteering at her church and in her community.

Teresa lives in Beldenville, Wisconsin, and has a one-hour commute each way to campus. She has been active at her children’s middle and high schools since 2005: filming the school’s wrestling team, Hall of Fame banquet, concerts and plays.

“The kids love to be in front of the camera, goofing off and seeing themselves with their fellow classmates. The parents love to get a copy of the video and watch the kids perform,” Teresa wrote in her essay.

Teresa has adult children as well as two school age children. She gained additional film experience as she taped her younger children in order to allow her older children to watch their siblings grow up. All of this filming experience was the deciding factor in why Teresa chose to earn a degree in digital video. “I just knew. I thought, ‘There’s got to be a better way, a faster way: let’s try school,’” she stated.

Teresa said she has been volunteering almost her entire life. In addition to her children’s schools, Teresa will volunteer for almost any role at her church: she has cooked, taught Sunday school and staffed the nursery, to name a few stints. She currently operates the large video screens that show song lyrics for the congregation to follow along and sing, video announcements and scriptures.

Her daughter was in nursing school and Teresa suggested that they both volunteer at Woodwinds Hospital in Woodbury so that her daughter would get a firsthand look at what it meant to work in the healthcare industry. Teresa also volunteered for Meals-on-Wheels with her youngest children.

Teresa explained that volunteering wasn’t something passed on to her from her family. “It was just me. As a military brat, I was always forced to meet new people anyway. Volunteering is just something you are supposed to do,” she stated.

Teresa encourages other students to volunteer as well. She said, “You have got to do it. It should be a requirement for this program. I have met so many people, and I keep seeing them at the same events! They are recommending me [for positions in the production field], I’m recommending them. I just dove in and started networking. I made connections at my summer job and got another job editing. I’ve got so much experience, things to put on my resume, people to refer me and help me out all over the country.”

Teresa’s goal is simply to work in the industry. Her current dream is to start and run a public access channel in Pierce County, Wisconsin. She is currently working at a public access in Stillwater, gaining experience. “It’s helping me learn the inside track,” said Teresa.

Teresa continues to share her talents by helping her fellow students who are working on various projects, such as short films or music videos. “I come in on weekends and days off to help. It’s fun! I’m always learning something new about this industry. If you love doing something, [helping others] comes naturally,” she concluded.

Helpful insight from a decidedly helpful citizen. Congratulations on your scholarship, Teresa!

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