MSB-St. Cloud Hosts Long-Term Care Informational Panel

Posted by on September 18, 2014

“Long-term care is a subject that most people do not fully understand, and yet approximately 80 or 90 percent of us will either need long-term care ourselves, or we will need to arrange it for loved ones,” said Health Care Management Program Chair Deb Berglund.

Berglund teaches the Long-Term Care class at the Minnesota School of Business-St. Cloud campus. She tasked her students with creating an event for the community. The consensus of the class was that the public is unaware of all the options available when it comes to long-term care. To remedy this, the class reached out to professionals in the varied fields of long-term care, including people from Good Shepard, WACOSA, St. Cloud VAMC, long-term insurance, and Arise Home Health Care. These professionals made up the Q&A panel that was open to the public.

Long-Term Health Care class

“We hope this will help people plan for the future,” said health care management student Melody Hansen. She followed with, “most people only think about nursing homes, but there are so many more options available.”

Hansen, along with Stephanie Borstad, Cicely Davis, Megan Libbesmeier and Jessica Sparks, have taken control of every facet to create this panel. They handled communications with the invited panelists, marketing for the event, and helped spread general information about long-term health care.

Berglund stated that it is often difficult to navigate through the system that is long-term care. There are also legalities that need to be addressed and many are not aware of the insurance that is available. Her students are going above and beyond to get this panel set up.

When asked what they hoped to get out of the event, Borstad said, “this event is giving the community a chance to come in and learn about an important life topic. I also am personally excited to learn more about the long-term care industry.”

After the panel, Libbesmeier said, “at points, I felt like these panel members were my textbook! Some of these facts came right out of the text book, which goes to show how educated these professionals are. I was very pleased with the turnout and feel very proud of all of our hard work.”

“What I like about Minnesota School of Business is that Debra Berglund often extends her students the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom in a very realistic, applicable way. I know that as a future health care manager, I will need the skills of public speaking, interviewing, data reflection in order to land top positions. This school gives me that practice. Mrs. Berglund is key to that learning style,” added Davis.


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