Program Spotlight: Veterinary Technology

Posted by on September 12, 2014

Minnesota School of Business-Lakeville (MSB) currently has a variety of programs but none as large as the veterinary technology program. The vet tech program at the Lakeville campus is currently housing over 70 active students. The majority of the students have already started working in the field at clinics, hospitals, humane societies and other veterinary related locations gaining that much needed experience for when they graduate. The partnership of what the program has to offer coupled with the experience of the staff and faculty is what makes this program successful. Let’s get to know some of the staff!

Nicole Nieman CVT, program chair

Nicole Nieman

Background: Nicole graduated from Argosy University in 2005 and followed that with an internship at the University of Minnesota Small Animal Hospital. She served as the practice manager at Banfield Pet Hospital for over five years as well as held titles such as being an adjunct instructor along with other valuable experience.

Why she is here/what she brings to the program: Her love for the veterinary industry — including the animals, technicians and doctors who do this not for the money, but for the love of what they do. She brings her drive and passion and help the students find theirs and help them be successful in their career.

Fun Facts: She has a 5-year-old daughter who loves learning about what her mom does, a Welsh Corgi named Bolt, a Siamese/ragdoll kitten named Lex, and an American tabby named Lynk.

Dr. Christy Hutchins, resident veterinarian

Dr. Christy Hutchins

Background: Dr. Hutchins started her journey at the University of Minnesota where she graduated with a  Bachelor of Science in Animal Science in 2006 followed by completing the College of Veterinary Medicine in 2010. Her most recent experience before joining the MSB team was working for Larpenteur Animal Hospital for two years as a technician followed by two years as the associate veterinarian.

She also worked at Regner Veterinary Clinic as a veterinary technician for two years.

Why she is here/what she brings to the program: Varied experience, passion, knowledge, strong clinical background both as a technician and as a DVM, and as a recent graduate, a strong understanding of current industry standards.

Nicole Wagner CVT, full-time instructor

Nicole Wagner

Background: Nicole holds two bachelor’s degrees including one from the University of Minnesota in biology. After graduating she attended Globe University and graduated with a veterinary technology degree. She worked in small animal practice for five years, primarily with dogs, cats and birds. She also volunteered at the Wildlife Rehab Center of Minnesota and was education crew lead at The Raptor Center.

Why she is here: She comes from a long line of educators, and she love to teach. She enjoys learning new things and improving her own skills through helping students become skilled technicians.

Jackie White CVT, full-time instructor

Jackie White

Background: Jackie is a graduate of the Medical Institute of Minnesota and comes to Lakeville with over 20 years of experience working in veterinary medicine. After many years of general practice, she became an instructor followed by program chair at the MSB-Plymouth campus. A new specialty practice opened up in the Twin Cities that temporarily drew her away from teaching. After four years working as an oncology technician, an opportunity arose to substitute teach at the Lakeville campus.

Why she is here: The experience made her realize how much she missed teaching. She said that the students and other instructors at the Lakeville campus were so welcoming and great to work with that she decided to give up clinical work and resume teaching full time.


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