Whom Would You Hire?

Posted by on September 11, 2014

The career services team at Minnesota School of Business-Blaine (MSB) has done their best to actively engage students within the Career Capstone class they teach on a quarterly basis. The career services team, consisting of Melissa Young, Kelly Bresin and Jessie Karnis, worked together to create a lesson for the students in Career Capstone on just how difficult a hiring process can be at times.

Kelly Bresin, career services coordinator, created an online presentation using Prezi. This presentation used multiple forms of technology including email, social media and movie clips to engage students in the hiring process from start to finish.

Melissa Young, director of career services at MSB-Blaine, and Jessie Karnis, career services assistant, reviewing the ‘Whom Would You Hire?’ presentation, developed by Kelly Bresin, career services coordinator

The students were first presented with a job description and told there were 4 candidates for the position. Because this was an in-class activity, each student was given an evaluation sheet to record their thoughts on each candidate as presented. Then, the class reviewed each candidate’s email communication with the hiring manager. Finally, the class had a chance to view each candidate’s social media presence as well as their interview attire and interview presentation.

Lorah Mattson, veterinary technology program student said, “This was an interesting activity, and it was fun to see different resume styles. It made me want to be a hiring manager because I would like to put another person in the hot seat for once!”

“Kelly did a great job integrating some comical selections from today’s pop culture to keep the lesson light-hearted but meaningful,” said Melissa Young, director of career services.

After all candidate information was presented, students were then asked “Whom Would You Hire.” At this point, students shared reasons why they may decide not to hire any of the candidates presented. Some had differing opinions on whom they would hire. Both cases allowed for discussion about just how difficult the hiring process can be in this age of technology.

The career services team at MSB-Blaine is always looking for great ways to integrate technology in the classroom and looks forward to putting together more technology-focused activities for the career capstone class next quarter.


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