3 Students Selected as Library Research Award Winners in Unprecedented Decision

Posted by on August 29, 2014

In an unprecedented decision, Minnesota School of Business-Rochester announced three students will be awarded the Library Research Award for excellence in combining library research, critical thinking and writing skills. Austin Bartsh, Chris Milam and Hailey Huizenga were each named winners of the award for summer quarter 2014.

Minnesota School of Business-Rochester Library Research Award

Campus Librarian Trent Brager (left) and Adjunct Composition Instructor Jeffrey Briggs (right) with student award winners Hailey Huizenga, Austin Bartsh (seated) and Chris Milam

The Library Research Award Committee was unable to decide between the three students and their three research papers. As a result, the committee selected all three to be honored. This is the first time since the award’s inception the selection committee has not been able to decide on a single entry.

Committee member Carol Berteotti, an instructor at MSB-Rochester, said, “Chris, Hailey and Austin all wrote superb papers. They demonstrated excellent writing ability, good critical thinking skills on complex subjects, and first-rate research skills to support their positions. The committee felt all of them deserved recognition for their efforts.”

Austin Bartsh won for his paper, “The Everglades Gladiators,” in which he compared the American alligator with the American crocodile.

In his essay, “After the Space Race,” Chris Milam argued for America to reinvigorate its space program. Milam, who is working towards his Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree, shared, “I was not surprised to see multiple winners due to the amount of really good writers in the class. I was glad they all were able to be recognized.”

Hailey Huizenga’s entry, “American’s Right to Privacy Post 9/11,” explored the need to balance national security with a citizen’s constitutional right to privacy.

Each quarter the Library Research Award is given to an MSB-Rochester student who displays superior skills in information gathering, critical thinking and writing. Entries must have been created as part of an MSB-Rochester class assignment and earned an “A” grade. Each student will receive a $100 gift card and have their papers published on the Rochester page of the library’s website.

MSB-Rochester’s librarian, Trent Brager, also a member of the selection committee, echoed those sentiments. “The depth and quality of the research — while vastly different for each paper — reflected an excellent understanding of how to use the library to find good source material to support and clarify opinions and positions. This is the kind of work that should be recognized and honored.”


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