Students Learn Customer Services Strategies while Serving the Community

Posted by on August 15, 2014

Customer Service Strategies students from Minnesota School of Business–Rochester campus had an opportunity to serve community members through providing food to families in need. The students worked with local nonprofit organization TEAMRochester to package and distribute fresh produce.

Minnesota School of Business - Rochester Campus Students

Students Kevin Crews, Dalton Shirley, Brandon Balliet, Tracy Schenk, Kyle Brawdy and Erica Brawdy package food for distribution.

The students are in the informational technology and business administration degree programs at MSB-Rochester and shared how the project was a positive experience in serving the community and applying their customer service skills.

The students went beyond the duties of bagging the vegetables and fruits and filling boxes with fresh produce. They applied their customer services strategies to create a great experience for the customer. The students were able to utilize their customer service skills by listening and interacting with the volunteers and the individuals that came for a box of food. Then they created a great experience for the customer by carrying the boxes out to their vehicles.

They made note of the great experience in serving the community. Each of the students stated how this project opened their eyes to the need to have food distribution in our community. In addition, it was satisfying to be a part of helping to put food on the table for a family. The group expressed the desire to volunteer for a similar project in the future.

Kevin Crews, a business administration student, said, “It was a cool experience to help out and see the reactions of the families.”

Erica Brawdy added, “It was a good experience, and it felt good to impact the community.”

The student volunteers assisted in preparing and distributing over 70 boxes of food for people in our community. Minnesota School of Business is proud to offer service learning as a core component of the educational experience.

Adjunct instructor Tara Newton said, “It felt good to put smiles on faces and food on the table.”


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