Medical Administrative Assistant Student Starts Career Before Graduation

Posted by on August 12, 2014

MSB-Richfield’s (MSB) very own student worker Esther Pabon will begin working in her field even before she graduates this summer!

medical administrative assistant

Summer graduate Esther Pabon

Esther will earn her Associate in Applied Science degree in the Medical Administrative Assistant program at MSB this September. She will begin working as a medical receptionist at Urology Associates, LTD in Edina this August.

Esther says that she began her job search even before summer quarter began. She used resume and cover letter writing tips she is learning in her Career Capstone class this quarter. She scoured the email blasts sent from career services as well as checked Craigslist for job postings.

As she waited for her interview at Urology Associates to begin, Esther spent her time studying the receptionist on duty to learn what types of activities she would need to perform if she landed the position. While Esther was a bit nervous as she waited, she remembered what a friend told her recently: “She told me to be myself. And that’s what I did, and I was fine,” Esther says.

Esther says that the duties she will be performing matches what she has learned at MSB: coding and billing, administration, etc.

Esther is excited about the clinic’s atmosphere: “It’s a busy clinic! During my interview the clinic supervisor got called out to calm some doctors down—it was so hectic, but in a good way.”

In order to prepare for the interview, Esther researched the company, reviewed the job posting again, checked her resume again, and got a brand new outfit.

She also did a Google search to find typical questions she might be asked as a medical receptionist candidate, as well as questions she should ask the hiring manager. Esther describes the actual interview this way: “I sat across from the clinic supervisor and treated her like an old friend.”

“I’m looking forward to the experience. I’m really looking forward to working before I graduate—that was my goal. My education really helps: you know what HIPPA [Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act] is; it’s what you learn in your classes. You have the medical background and you can translate medical terms to the patient into ‘English,’” Esther states.

Esther has some advice for other job seekers: “Don’t stop applying. I applied to 30 jobs in two weeks—medical administrative or medical receptionist positions—until somebody called. Tailor your cover letter for each job and address it to the person listed on the job posting.”

While we couldn’t be happier for her as she begins her new career, we will miss Esther’s reliable, enthusiastic and creative talents on our campus!


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