What Does a College Representative Do? Liz Patton Shares the Nitty Gritty

Posted by on August 5, 2014

Liz Patton, college representative at Minnesota School of Business-Elk River, and her infectious positive energy and enthusiasm can be heard across the campus. Students who have worked with Liz appreciate her continuous support and encouragement whether they are starting the process or have been on campus for a while.

Despite being well-known on campus, however, Liz is often asked what exactly a college representative does. She explains that she tends to “wear a lot of hats,” which she enjoys. Not only does she meet and work with juniors and seniors in high school, but she also works with high school teachers, counselors and parents.

Liz Patton, college representative, shares her enthusiasm for her job

When not meeting with students at MSB, Liz can be found in high school classrooms presenting to students on real-world topics such as The Price of Independence, Cutting through the Red Tape, and College Prep. She explains that these topics that have been cut back or eliminated due to time or budget constraints at each district.

She enjoys assisting counselors with students who need additional support and guidance, especially in schools where the counselors work with up to 500 students. Liz provides these students with career planning assistance, helping them to do field and college research depending on their interests.

Schools that Liz primarily focuses on are located close to the MSB-Elk River campus. These include Ivan Sand, Spectrum, and Elk River High School, as well as Rogers, Zimmerman, St. Michael, Monticello, Big Lake, Princeton, Cambridge, Braham, and St. Francis High School.

College fairs are another part of Liz’s role. During these events, which are typically held at each school, she meets with students and parents in a group or on a one-on-one basis. She also occasionally hosts groups at the MSB campus and gives presentations and tours to those that are interested in learning more about the programs that are offered here.

When asked what Liz enjoys the most about her position, she explains that she loves getting to know the students and especially likes helping with at-risk youth groups in the schools.

The bottom line, according to Liz, is, “I just love working with my students and being able to spend time with them.”

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