Business Management Student Always Learning with Education from Minnesota School of Business

Posted by on July 29, 2014

Business management student Courtney Buness is pursuing her bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in human resources at Minnesota School of Business-Elk River, and she says it’s a good fit for her.

“I chose Minnesota School of Business because it was a right path for me. I found out after my first year of college that business is what I wanted to do,” Courtney says. “I love the class sizes and the one-on-one with the teachers. The variety of students attending here makes the classes as fun as they are.”

Courtney attended a state university for her first year of college but thought the class sizes were too big. She was able to apply 34 previously-earned credits toward her degree at Globe University.

“It was an amazing feeling knowing that so many of my credits had transferred and that I would not have to start from square one,” she says.

Courtney says she is always learning new things in the business management program.

“The best part about this program is that when you think you have learned what you need to know, something new and better pops up in the program and just has you strive to learn more and be more educated in that field,” she explains.

The support she receives from the faculty at MSB is something Courtney appreciates about her educational experience.

“What I like best about the school is how involved the staff is with your classes and schooling, always checking up on you to make sure everything is going well and if you have any problems,” she says.

Overall, Courtney says MSB has prepared her for what lies ahead, including a job she already has lined up for after graduation.

“Minnesota School of Business makes you feel successful as a person, knowing you’re bettering yourself in your future career path,” Courtney says.

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