Three MSB-Richfield Instructors Accepted into the Master Teacher Program

Posted by on July 28, 2014

Three of Minnesota School of Business-Richfield’s (MSB) very own instructors have been accepted into Globe Education Network’s Master Teacher program!


Nursing Instructor Janet Rounsville

Just what is the Master Teacher program, you ask? It is a two-year learning experience for faculty, wherein they take three courses annually in order to explore the strategic use of instructional and learning technologies and to investigate student development theory as it pertains to our college environment. That’s quite a mouthful! Let’s have our participants describe it:

Nursing instructor Janet Rounsville explains that enrollees will have the opportunity to learn new techniques and technologies to do a better job in the classroom. “I want to learn how to get my students to engage and interact more,” she says. Janet has been teaching in the field (clinicals) for two years and began teaching in the classroom this past September. She states, “Since I’m newer in this role, anything would be beneficial!” Janet plans to share what she learns with her fellow nursing instructors.

Master Teacher Program

Librarian Carol Roos

Librarian Carol Roos is excited, yet a little nervous, for classes to begin. “New stuff can be overwhelming,” she says. Carol explains what she hopes to take away from the program: “I’m hoping to learn different techniques to engage students, new technologies and to study how to teach better. You can always learn.” And here is where the nervousness comes in: “It’s going to be a lot of work! But I know I can do it. I teach a lot of short classes where I have to grab [the students’] attention and have an impact in a short period of time. It’s really important to study different styles of learning,” Carol adds.

Interactive Media and Graphic Design Program Chair Nicole Nelson explains that in order to be accepted into the Master Teacher program, she had to write a letter of intent describing why she would be a good candidate and submit recommendations. Along with completing the coursework, she will have the opportunity to participate in a mentorship.

Interactive Media and Graphic Design

Interactive Media and Graphic Design Program Chair Nicole Nelson

“I am really passionate about teaching and career development. [Instructors], besides having knowledge in our fields, have to improve skills in the classroom. I can then bring that knowledge back to the classroom and to my fellow instructors,” Nicole states. Not to mention, she’ll have bragging rights as a Master Teacher once she completes the program.

Nicole says that she isn’t nervous to have the tables turned on her: “I really enjoy professional development classes. I like to take classes online periodically to stay current—lifelong learning, as they say!”

Our campus is proud that three of our instructors were chosen for this exclusive program, and both the students and our fellow instructors can’t wait to hear what they’ve learned!

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