New Kid on the Block: What the First Week of College Feels Like

Posted by on July 18, 2014

Pamela Clark graduated from Long Prairie-Grey Eagle High School just a couple of months ago, but she enrolled at Minnesota School of Business (MSB) for summer quarter and began classes this week, anxious to begin her college career. As a first quarter massage therapy program student, Clark couldn’t be more excited to start the next stage of her life.

Clark became interested in MSB after an admissions representative visited her high school and talked about the college experience. Clark had also visited another college, but had a poor experience and came away from it knowing that it was not the right environment for her. Her admissions representative at MSB-

Pamela Clark, first quarter massage therapy student

St. Cloud was informative, but also “got me to think big,” she said.” To think about all they offer.”

Massage therapy seemed a natural fit for Clark. “I have a sixth sense,” she says. “I feel people’s energy and understand different environments.”

“I actually had Plan A, B, C and D,” she laughs. “I’m glad this one worked out.”

What has her first week at college felt like?

“Nerve-wracking,” she admits. To begin, “I drive an hour each way. It’s not easy.”

There are also classes that she worries about. “Anatomy and Physiology,” she says, “is a bit intimidating. I did okay in science, but I wasn’t perfect.”

Clark feels relieved, however, that the instructor is willing to help one-on-one, and that there is a resource center available for tutoring if she finds she needs it later on.

She also puts her Professional Development (communications) class on “the nerves list.” “I’m worried about talking in front of groups,” she confesses.

Clark is carrying a full load of classes, but looks forward to the quarter, especially her writing class.

How is college life different from high school?

“It’s extremely different!” she admits. “I came from Long Prairie-Grey Eagle High School where everyone knows everyone. Here, I don’t know anybody. I’m kind of shy. It takes time.”

Clark is interested in learning more about the massage therapy student association where she knows she will be able to meet others in her field right away.

The best thing about college so far, she says, is her weekly call to her father.

“I love getting to tell my dad, ‘Hey, this is my class. This is what I’m doing.’”

Part of that feeling of pride, she acknowledges, is flexing the muscles of her independence.

Life is good.


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