Who is Supporting Your School? This Former Student.

Posted by on June 24, 2014

It isn’t terribly often that we get to share the story of a former student who is now kind of a big deal (our words, not his!) here at Globe Education Network (GEN); but today is one of those occasions.

business administration program

GEN Regional Director Nate Herrmann

Regional Director Nathan (Nate) Herrmann has been with GEN almost exclusively in some fashion or another since he pursued his first degree at the Woodbury campus in 1997. What drew Nate to Globe University initially? It turns out he has a sister-in-law who was a director of education at Globe.

“She got me interested in the school. [Eventually] both of our careers grew, and now we work together,” Nate says [He also has a brother who works for the network of schools!].

Nate started with an associate degree in business administration, and went on to pursue a bachelor degree and eventually an MBA at Globe University.

Nate began his GEN career as an admissions representative at the Woodbury campus in 2000. “I wanted to work for a college that has given myself and others in our community so much opportunity,” he stated. In 2002, Nate was promoted to the position of director of admissions.

In 2003, GEN offered Nate the opportunity to move to Utah to become campus director at our sister college, Broadview University. He then spent four years implementing bachelor degree programs, expanding the Globe Education Network by building additional campus locations, and supervising day-to-day college operations.

Nate eventually returned to the Midwest and helped open the first GEN college in Wisconsin. He then stepped into the role of campus director at Globe University-Eau Claire. Just as Nate and his family prepared to purchase a house in Eau Claire, GEN tapped Nate once again—this time to return to his original stomping grounds, Woodbury, as campus director.

In 2009, Nate became a regional director. Currently, Nate helps support the “Fly Forward” network of colleges which includes Minnesota School of Business-Richfield and Plymouth (MSB), as well as Globe University-Minneapolis, Green Bay, Appleton, Woodbury and Wausau (GU). If that isn’t enough, he also supports the Institute of Production and Recording (IPR) and the Minnesota School of Cosmetology-Woodbury and Plymouth (MSC).


Nate says that his work is always interesting. “It’s exciting. Every day brings a new challenge,” he says. Because the network of schools Nate supports is so diverse, he says the work can be challenging, but also rewarding. “One minute I’ll be working with engineers and nurses, the next minute it will be musicians and cosmetologists. You always learn something new—even when I think I’ve seen everything, something new comes along,” Nate states.

Nate says that working in education is very fulfilling for him. “We are at the forefront of change. It’s very exciting working with students at the beginning of their careers,” he states.

Nate has some advice for current and future students when it comes to their education: “You get out of school what you put into it. The connections you make in school will carry you further than any textbook,” he says.

MSB-Richfield Campus Director Stacy Severson has been working under Nate for seven of her nine-year career with the Globe network of schools. She describes Nate as a quiet, yet supportive leader. “He gives you the space to try new things and make mistakes—he gets out of your way, but he will have your back when you need something. He offers a unique perspective and challenges me to think differently. He’s very good at giving feedback and recognizing and acknowledging others for their achievements,” says Stacy.

The student has become the leader. Nate is an example of where a passion for education can lead you, and Globe Education Network is lucky to have such a dedicated, resourceful and caring regional director guiding our team.

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.