Human Behavior Students Meet with Senior Citizens

Posted by on June 20, 2014

Human behavior is an interesting subject as there are several different components that go into it such as the connection between people and the environment, social systems, relationships and group dynamics.

Students at Minnesota School of Business-Brooklyn Center campus studied several of these areas throughout the course of the quarter in the comfort of their own classroom. However, in order to see how human behavior truly works, the group chose to do an applied learning project at Earle Brown Terrace, a senior living facility.

Students visited the seniors on two different occasions. The first visit consisted of simply playing board games and card games with the residents in order to get to know them. Tiara Fairs, paralegal student, said, “I really enjoyed my visit. They were surprised I knew how to play dominoes the real way.”

On the second visit, the students prepared several questions to ask the residents about what it was like to grow up when they did. The students and the residents split into two groups, and the conversation began. Because the residents were all female, many of the questions revolved around child rearing, working, and women’s rights. The MSB-Brooklyn Center students were able to observe the women and how they interacted with each other as well as with each of them. Several students made the observation that some questions seemed to touch a nerve while others sparked a lot of conversation. Some questions did not produce much response.

Michael Ullmer, criminal justice student, commented, “Talking with the ladies was amazing as I heard so many stories from the past. It was eye opening to see how far things have come from Rosie the Riveter to women staying home and now being back in the workforce.”

“It was fun to see youth and age interacting. It was a meaningful experience for all involved,” said Jim Cook, instructor. “The students really enjoyed themselves, and some have thrown out the possibility of going back to Earle Brown to volunteer, which is great.”

Thank you to Earle Brown Terrace for allowing our students the opportunity to meet with your residents! They learned a lot and enjoyed seeing that you are all still young at heart and full of energy.


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