Medical Assistant Student Seeks Stability with Degree from Minnesota School of Business

Posted by on June 17, 2014

Katie Savoie was working three jobs when she decided to go back to school so she would have more time to spend her with her family. Now she’s pursuing a medical assistant degree at the Minnesota School of Business (MSB)-Lakeville campus and says the flexibility allows her to maintain her jobs while she works toward her goal of a more fulfilling career.

“I have to miss out on a lot of holidays, sporting events and school trips because I am always working,” says Katie. “I decided to go back to school so I can have stability.”

Katie has enjoyed her experience at MSB and says the faculty has been encouraging throughout the process.

“All the instructors are very helpful and very knowledgeable. A lot of them speak from experience because they are medical assistants themselves.”

Along with being knowledgeable, Katie says her instructors genuinely care about her success.

“I have never had instructors that are so concerned and so involved in your progress. All of them would do anything they could to make sure you are learning and feeling confident about the material,” she says.  “I have instructors I had three quarters ago that still email me to make sure I am doing okay in classes and offer to help me with anything I’m having trouble with.”

After a year at another institution, Katie dropped out because she didn’t feel as though she had enough academic guidance. Katie loves everything about MSB and feels she has the support she needs.

“I would not go anywhere else. The instructors genuinely care about your education, the class sizes are small, the learning is very hands-on and scheduling is flexible,” Katie explains. “I love going to school because I know I am going to learn a lot, and we are always doing something interesting.”

Katie says the hands-on experience fits with her learning style, and she believes it’s preparing her for what lies ahead.

“I am confident that I am learning all the essential tools needed to succeed in my future career,” she says. “I plan to further my education and eventually become a flight nurse.”

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