Take a Break AND a Book!

Posted by on June 12, 2014

Guest blogger: Michael Schneider, MSB-Elk River campus librarian

With the four week break upon us, many of us might be wondering what we can do with all this free time on our hands. I suggest we take a cue from many of our Lake Country brethren and get our toes in the sand and our hands in a book. The Minnesota School of Business-Elk River (MSB) library can help you out with this predicament. Listed below are some suggestions for break week reads. The links provided will give you what you need to know to grab them from the library before you head out and enjoy this early summer weather. Have fun on break and enjoy all those great books!

Devil in the Grove by Gilbert King:  (Nonfiction) A Civil Rights tale and multiple award recipient including the 2013 Pulitzer Prize. It is the tale of the late great civil rights attorney Thurgood Marshall and a murder case that would change America forever.


Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker: (Fiction) Magical creatures in turn-of-the-20th-century New York. Hope in a hopeless world. Unlikely friends unite to discover their fate. An Amazon Best Book of the Month (April 2013).


The Fault in Our Stars by John Green: (Fiction) The current box office darling and the book that started it.  Another award winner and major accomplishment for the author Green. A book that takes on some of the more weighty issues of our day and delivers them with a style and finesse that is rarely seen in print. A young woman’s life is turned upside down, not just because of her diagnosis of cancer, but also by having her values tested and challenged and after meeting a curious young man.


Coroner’s Journal: Forensics and the Art of Stalking Death by Louis Cataldie: (Nonfiction) For those of you who enjoy the macabre side of life, Coroner’s Journal are tales of the trade by the author who has experienced a few famous, wacky, and almost always disturbing cases as a coroner in major Louisiana Parishes.


In the Garden of Beasts by Eric Larson: (Nonfiction) Intrigue, love affairs, edge of the seat politics, back stabbing, secret meetings, espionage, fascism, murder in far off land. Prior to the outbreak of World War II, the American Ambassador to Germany retires and is replaced with William Dodd. The story follows him and his family’s exploits in Germany while the Nazis begin to grab power with both fists. If it was written history, you would swear it was a work of fiction.


Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.