Criminal Justice Students Get an Opportunity to Work with Canterbury Park

Posted by on May 29, 2014

One of the things that students enjoy most about attending Minnesota School of Business is the ability to apply what they have learned in the community. Recently, the criminal justice students from Minnesota School of Business-Lakeville got the chance to turn what they are learning into real life experience when they visited Canterbury Park.

Criminal justice students at Canterbury Park

Risk Management Director Bryan Lingen provided for an overview of the safety/security at Canterbury Park that included reviews of actual events and incidents that occurred at the park. The most notable was discussions of concerts with “rock stars” and a horse-related accident on the race track.

During their visit, the students were also provided a tour of the facility including some non-public areas of the track. Afterwards the criminal justice students were then broken into teams of three, and each group was assigned a specific policy update that is going to be considered for inclusion into policies at the Park.

The first group took on a large scale evacuation of all employees of Canterbury Park. The park on a busy day may have up to a couple hundred employees working, and the students needed to address where to put these employees for safety, how to successfully get information out, and completely follow all applicable laws.


Creating a policy related to motor vehicle accidents by valet drivers in other people’s cars was the task the second group chose to address. They took into consideration the physical location of the valet, and other logistics of the event to create a solution.

The final group was provided an opportunity to create a policy on how to properly drug test employees involved in on-property accidents. The students were given the chance to select there project from six categories. Bryan Lingen is planning on coming to the final criminal justice class to provide a real-world review of the policy and procedure updates. These policies, procedures and presentations could potentially be adopted in total, or part, by Canterbury Park.

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