MSB Students Assist Fellow IT Classmate for Applied Learning Project

Posted by on May 28, 2014

Students in Paul Pederson’s Database Implementation course did a very unique applied learning project in their class. Because they were learning about databases, they decided to apply their knowledge to an actual local small business that was just getting started. In other words, they decided to turn the project into an actual workplace application-type project.Applied Learning, Information Technology

The IT program students wanted to find a newly emerging local computer company that could use their help in getting their business off the ground; a business that needed help with their database infrastructure. As it turned out, the students did not have to look very far to find a business that could use their help. A current Minnesota School of Business-Shakopee student was just getting his computer company, A1 Plus Computer, LLC., off the ground and was looking for some assistance. The students in the course thought this would be the perfect small local business to assist. Not only was it a local company, but it was also owned by a fellow student!

The owner of the new business, Michael Peters, could not have been more thrilled at the prospect of fellow students helping him with his new business venture. The students who helped with the project were Michael Marshik, Daniel Lewison and Jordan Bender. They were all very excited to not only use the skills they were learning about databases in the course, but to also apply their knowledge to help a local company owned by a fellow Shakopee student.

The project involved the students doing three things to help the business: streamlining and improving the company’s existing database; combining existing database tables; and finally, adding reports to the database in order to view customer issues more easily. Jay Moore, applied learning coordinator at Minnesota School of Business-Shakopee, commented “What a great project; a chance for students to use their newly acquired knowledge in order to help a fellow Shakopee student with his new business venture.”

Hopefully in the future, more projects like this can be done to better the local Shakopee community.


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