15 Students Compete in National DECA Conference in Washington D.C., Earn Honors

Posted by on May 12, 2014

Collegiate DECA teams from the Minnesota School of Business/ Globe University network recently attended the 53rd Annual Collegiate DECA International Career Development Conference.

Globe University and Minnesota School of Business students take time from national competition for a team photo

Not only did the teams have the opportunity to meet and network with top students from across the country, but they had the invaluable experience of competitions which challenged their skills, connecting what they have learned in the classroom, and real-world challenges.

Highly respected career professionals served as judges and as panel speakers, guiding students through current happenings in a very competitive marketplace; teaching them how to set themselves apart and continue to foster relationships that last a lifetime.

The theme for this past year was “Make it Count,” and the keynote speaker was ideally poised to share insight that often, life doesn’t turn out exactly as one plans; that adaptability builds a foundation of success long after graduation. Ellen Davis is the Senior Vice President of the National Retail Federation (NRF) and executive director of the NRF Foundation.


She is working with a team of professionals who build awareness of the retail industry through statistics and stories; she is passionate to develop talent through education, experiences and scholarships. As the chief spokesperson for the NRF on retail industry trends, she has appeared on broadcast news programs and frequently been quoted in business media. After watching the industry trends, she coined the phrase “Cyber Monday,” which is now considered the official kickoff of the online holiday shopping season.

Other breakout sessions that the students participated in were: Management is a Human System, Mission Possible, Science of Human Perception, Career Success Elements, and From DECA to Wall Street. Throughout the year, the chapters and many of their members worked diligently to enhance the Collegiate DECA experience. Collegiate DECA identifies four principle attributes and values: competence, innovation, integrity and teamwork.

The awards earned are on a tiered system of Executive, Diplomat and Presidential; each level demanding increased requirements. The MSB Blaine chapter was recognized for its consistent efforts in building personal and professional skills for its members and was awarded the Presidential Award, the highest level, for the 3rd consecutive year.

The following members were awarded the Academic Honor Award, which recognizes students for their academic excellence, leadership and involvement in Collegiate DECA: Jesse Lindberg, Mitchell Christensen, David Good and Jon Schwerr. While the competition was extremely challenging, the MSB/Globe team experienced success.

Five students competed as finalists: Taylor Metcalf (Rochester) in Sales Manager Meeting, Mitchell Christensen (Blaine) in Accounting, Jesse Lindberg (Blaine) in Marketing Management, Angel’yn Franzman (Blaine) in Emerging Technology Marketing Strategies, and Nathan Brandenburger (Moorhead) in Hotel and Lodging Management.

Mitchell Christensen had the following to say in reflection of his experience at the competition:

“DECA ICDC gave me the confidence that what I am learning in class will transfer over to the real world. Not only for the basics of finding the answer, but also critical thinking to come up with multiple solutions to the problem and providing my case for which one I believe should be pursued. It also, was a great networking experience. I was able to meet other students and professionals from around the world. Seeing what other people have learned and how they approach different situations gives me the ability to look at situations in different a light,” Christensen said. “The academies that we participated in were very interesting. Hearing other people’s success stories and what they have done to achieve where they have gotten motivates me to keep trying my hardest and never stop learning. As well as their opinions on how to make yourself more marketable in everything you wish to achieve.”

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