Students Come Together for Watershed Cleanup Day

Posted by on May 2, 2014

In celebration of Earth Day, the City of Lakeville hosts an Annual Watershed Cleanup Day where Lakeville residents work together to pick up litter from roadways, waterways, parks and trails.

Students and staff who participated in clean up

As part of the Adopt-a-Park program, Minnesota School of Business-Lakeville (MSB) has taken care of Village Creek Park for the last four years, so 15 MSB students and staff brought their families together to volunteer for this year’s event.

“It was a fun day,” said Brad Bettermann, MSB information technology student who also brought his son and daughter. “It’s a great way to get outside after our long winter and help at the same time.”

“It’s just a walk in the park,” said Service Learning Coordinator and Instructor Joel Bisser throughout the day. “It’s great to have such dedicated students and staff who also brought their families, especially the kids. Picking up garbage from the park and creek may not seem like much, but those kids are learning about the importance of keeping our communities clean.”


“I like picking up garbage!” said MSB accounting student Shannon Hatch’s five year old son. “I’ll have to remember that when he is old enough to take out the trash at home,” replied his mom.

Student cleaning up park

After cleaning Village Creek Park, some volunteers returned to the Lakeville Central Maintenance Facility for lunch, interactive environmental education activities, and a puppet show.

The kids and parents learned about our community’s declining water quality, and the threat of aquatic and terrestrial invasive species like buckthorn, garlic mustard, Eurasian milfoil and zebra mussels.

There was also a display that clarified what types of plastic and other materials are actually recyclable. Kids and parents answered questions regarding the environment to earn tickets that could be redeemed for City of Lakeville branded prizes like water bottles, lunch bags, reusable shopping bags and environmentally friendly battery-less flashlights.

By Joel Bisser, MSB-Lakeville service learning coordinator

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