Sexual Assault Awareness Month Puts Us on the Defense

Posted by on April 29, 2014

Recently, Minnesota School of Business-Plymouth (MSB) presented two sexual assault prevention seminars in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Staff, faculty and students from MSB as well as Minnesota School of Cosmetology-Plymouth (MSC) also participated in self-defense training demonstrations.

health fitness specialist program

MSB-Plymouth and MSC-Plymouth students, staff and faculty watch self-defense demonstrations

The guest speaker was Jason Strauch, chair of the health fitness specialist (HFS) program, as well as the founder and CEO of Foundations Defense Fitness. Jason says that the mission statement of Foundations Defense Fitness (which is a veteran-owned business) is to empower their clients in all aspects of life through enhancing awareness skills and preparing their clients for unique defense situations.

The students and staff learned that self-defense comes in four phases:

  • White – at home (feeling most comfortable and safest).
  • Yellow – constant state of preparedness (not paranoid but be aware of your surroundings and know escape routes if you need to get out quickly).
  • Orange – threat identified (once you’ve identified the threat or “perp,” let them know you’re not going to be an easy target).
  • Red – survival mode.


They learned four preventative measures:

  • Don’t be a bystander – don’t let your friends accept a drink from someone they don’t know. Never take a drink you didn’t see get made!
  • Surroundings – in a parking lot there a minimum of 10 blind spots to be aware of.
  • One is none; two is one – if you are leaving a building it’s best to walk out with a buddy (NEVER alone).
  • Never leave the group – if you enter a club in a group of five, then you leave the club in a group of five. Once one person is removed from the group, that person is now the weakest link and the easiest target.

    health fitness specialist program

    Self-defense demonstration

Jason instructed the groups to make sure to identify the closest U.S. embassy when travelling outside the U.S. and to ensure that you know how to ask for help and call the police. And here’s a chilling thought: Jason also said that most domestic attacks come from someone you know.

Health fitness specialist student Brianna Lovett said of the presentation, “It was really good to learn about being in ‘yellow’.” Fellow HFS student Brenda Truwe stated, “It was very informative and very real. It was great so see [self-defense techniques] demonstrated.”

We are lucky to have such a valuable HFS program chair on our campus to share his wisdom and experience during Sexual Assault Awareness month!

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