Local Recruiters Help Students Prepare for Interviews

Posted by on April 29, 2014

You remember how daunting the first interviews were after college, right?

From Left to Right: Ben Kent, Britanny McGee, Jen Sinkie, Kelsey Perkins, Brynn Schuldt and Laura Baumgart.

Recently three industry recruiters attended an employer panel in the career capstone class at the Minnesota School of Business-Plymouth (MSB) to help make the interviewing process a little less scary. During the employer panel, the students presented their 60 second elevator pitches. After the pitches, the students had an opportunity to ask the employers questions regarding the job search process.

Stacey Schmitt, director of career services, said, “Bringing employers into career capstone allows students to gain industry perspectives on hiring practices. Students have the opportunity to network with employers in their field of study which can lead to potential employment.”

“Students asked great questions: it was clear that they were prepared to learn as much as they can from those who contact, interview, and screen candidates for small and large companies in the metro area,” said Elaine Vandenburgh, campus director “They even exchanged contact information and job leads after the session!”

Students learned quickly that although each employer had their own preferences, there were common themes in what they were looking for:

Resumes: All recruiters agreed that a chronological resume was the easiest to read (especially for recent college graduates). Unless you have over 10 years of industry experience, a resume should be kept to one page. Students also learned that summarized bullet points trump a lengthy paragraph on a resume.

Before the interview: It was also highly recommended that job seekers do their research on the company before going to the interview. Those who ask questions that they should have already learned in their preliminary research can be perceived as unprepared and uninterested in the position.

During the interview: Students learned that employers do ask many of the traditional interview questions: Tell me about yourself, why are you interested in the position, what are your strengths, what are your professionals goals, and what questions do you have for me?

From Left to Right: Stacey Schmitt, director of career services, Laura Callaghan from OfficeTeam, Tyler Overman from Aertotek, and Joshua Cadwell from Kelly Mitchell

The event was a success because students said they felt more prepared for their interviews. In addition, they were able to begin networking with professionals in their field. A special thank you goes out to the recruiters on the panel: Tyler Overman from Aertotek, Laura Callaghan from OfficeTeam, and Joshua Cadwell from Kelly Mitchell.

MSB-Plymouth is hosting another employer panel on Thursday, June 5th. If you or anyone you know is interested in helping prepare the next generation of professionals for their interviews, please contact Stacey Schmitt at sschmitt@msbcollege.edu .

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.