Medical Assistant Grad from MSB-Rochester Gets Job at Mayo Clinic

Posted by on April 21, 2014

When Dawn Hoppe moved to Rochester in September 2012, she was already enrolled in our medical assistant program at Minnesota School of Business-Rochester campus. Her goal was to get her Associate of Science degree in medical assistant and work her “dream” job for the Mayo Clinic. While attending college as a full-time student, Dawn also worked two part-time jobs in the Rochester area. Dawn also maintained an “honors’ status throughout her program.

Medical assistant graduate Dawn Hoppe

Before her graduation in winter 2014, Dawn had completed her externship in six weeks, took her certification exam and passed, and she also secured a job at a local Chiropractic and Nutrition Center.

Only working a short six weeks at her chiropractic job, she received a phone call from an employer that she had applied at months before graduation. It turned out to be the Mayo Clinic in Rochester asking her if she would like an employment position as a “Dedicated Clinical Float Assistant?”

She said she couldn’t believe what she was hearing and immediately answered “yes!” The person on the other end of the phone said, “wait, don’t you want to know about how much money or the benefits?” She responded by saying, “No, I have always wanted to work at Mayo. I will accept the job!”

She then listened to the pay and benefits after the initial shock and still agreed to the offer. She immediately called Miranda Kulis, director of career services in Rochester, to tell her the good news. Dawn said she wasn’t able to wipe the grin off her face for a day and her cheeks still hurt from smiling so much!”

This is just one success story from the medical assistant students at Minnesota School of Business-Rochester. Kathy Daniels, who is the program chair for the medical assistant program at MSB-Rochester, said in response to Dawn Hoppe’s success, “It is very gratifying as a program chair to know that all the time and effort that you put into a student does pay off in helping them achieve a milestone goal.”


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