How Do You Balance College and Life?

Posted by on April 21, 2014

Here’s something you have probably already figured out for yourself: juggling college, family, maybe a job (or two) and, hopefully, a social life can be difficult. We wanted to know how our students at Minnesota School of Business-Richfield (MSB) manage to find balance among all the facets of life clamoring for attention while getting the most out of their education. So, we asked what strategies worked for them:

Game and application development student Amber Kennedy said, “I take a couple hours out of the day when I get home to look at my schedule and create a ‘to-do’ list. Pace yourself out so you’re not rushing.”

“I swear by the productivity section on the iPad: [productivity apps] save time by prioritizing,” said business management student Nancy Charleton.

To get the most out of her class and study time, Nancy advised, “Little things like getting to school super early to study before class. Create a time budget and check your iPad calendar several times each day. I enter study time on [the calendar]. Create a ‘to-do’ list and rank by what is most important and due first.” In addition to the calendar app, Nancy said the apps that help her the most with productivity are Notebook and Reminders.

Richard Gardner, a student in the business administration program, also serves in the National Guard one day each month. His advice: “Just do it.” Richard also recommends the Khan Academy app to maximize learning in the math, history, and science fields.


Paul Moywaywa is in the nursing program. He had this to say: “I study at night and balance school and family time during the day. Sometimes, I find one area is lacking. I’m trying to find balance: I’m managing quarter to quarter.”

Paul also has to find time to work. “I’m pretty stressed out, myself.  I use my time available between classes and work to do an easy assignment while eating. If it’s a difficult assignment requiring more brain-power, I wait until I find time to study,” he said.

Business administration student Angie Averle described her balancing act this way: “I never do homework at home. I only study at the library or another quiet place. At home, you only want to do dishes when you have homework to do! When I’m at home; no school. When my five year-old daughter is at school, I get my chores done. If I need to study, I bring her to the public library with me and she goes and sits in the children’s area.”

When she finds homework challenging, Angie employs this strategy: “If it’s a class I don’t understand, I do my homework right after class when it is still fresh in my head so I understand it better,” she explained. Angie added this last bit of advice: “Don’t procrastinate!”

Do you have strategies that help you balance school and everything else in your busy life?  Do you have a study tip that has served you well?  If so, let us know in the comments!

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