It’s National Library Week: Get to Know Your Library Staff

Posted by on April 15, 2014

National Library Week is upon us so we thought we’d get to know our resourceful library staff here at Minnesota School of Business-Richfield (MSB). Today, we meet two students workers who love helping fellow students find what they need:

interactive media and graphic design

IMGD student Galen Grieman

Interactive media and graphic design (IMGD) student Galen Grieman has been staffing our campus library two evenings a week for the past year. He landed the job after he offered librarian Carol Roos his services upon assisting her with carrying a stack of books.

What does Galen do in the library?

“I make sure the library is tidy and clean. I help students find articles and journals for their papers. I help students with their iPad configuration and help them find answers to their questions,” he states.

Galen says that what he enjoys most about working in the library is how it makes him feel: “I get a chance to give back. MSB has real-world experience: all the teachers are still working in their field. I can help other students and sometimes teachers. I know they are small things, but it makes me feel good about myself.”


We asked Galen how he decided upon a degree in IMGD. He explains that in high school he pursued math and studied at a college level. “I loved calculus,” he says. He also had a passion for art and found his focus shifting from math to artistic pursuits, finally landing on graphic design.

After Galen obtains his associate degree, he plans to pursue his bachelor degree in software application development at MSB. His ultimate goal is to craft a career in information technology programming utilizing coding and aesthetics to make programs look good.

“I want to use programming and design to make content that is really rare and different,” explains Galen.  Until then, Galen will continue to grace our library with his positive attitude and sense of humor.

Medical Administrative Assistant

Medical administrative assistant student Esther Pabon.

Esther Pabon is a student in the medical administrative assistant (MAA) program and another library employee. Esther says that she decided upon her degree because “I liked the idea of working in an office or hospital, but I didn’t want to stick anyone with a needle!”

Esther chose MSB after taking filmmaking classes at another college. “I wanted something fast,” she states, which is why the speedy MAA program appealed to her.

Some of Esther’s library duties are zoological in nature. “I make sure the library is clean and organized. I help students with the online library. I feed Flash, the library’s fish. I make sure the copier is running smoothly,” she explains.

Esther says, “I like how [the library] is quiet and doesn’t need all of my attention all of the time. Most of the students already know what they are doing and what they need to accomplish.” Esther believes that the instructors do a good job of informing students about library resources.

So make sure to stop by the library this week. We’ve got trivia, prizes, snacks, and of course, helpful library staff! And don’t forget to thank your friendly neighborhood librarian!

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.