Vet Tech Students Host Pajama Party at MSB-Rochester

Posted by on April 11, 2014

Winter quarter 2014: beside the regular trials and tribulations of learning new information and balancing school and home life for our vet tech students, there was the added struggle of winter. And a brutal one at that.

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Vet tech students from MSB-Rochester enjoy movies during a pajama party held during Winter Quarter 2014

Mother Nature didn’t care when the quarter started or if there was a big test coming—she either dumped large amounts of snow or turned the temps down to ghastly cold. So to relieve the stress, the vet tech department at Minnesota School of Business-Rochester (MSB) decided to throw a pajama party and let loose!

Students came and played board games, interacting and learning new tidbits about one another. After a short while, it was time to eat. Pizza was ordered in and malts were made, and then everyone snuggled in to watch Dr. Doolittle with Eddie Murphy. The students giggled and laughed and a good time was had by all.


When asked about the experience, vet tech student Ana Gustafson said, “Attending the pajama party was a unique and exciting experience that provided me the opportunity to socialize with my instructors, new students and old friends in a relaxing, stress-free environment”.

Michelle Schmidt, full-time faculty member, said of the event, “It was much needed time out of the classroom to get to know another aspect of our students.”

All in all, students had an evening filled with fun, laughter, and, most of all, a non-stress start to the new upcoming quarter.

The pajama party concept was such a great success that the vet tech department has plans to hold pajama parties during future quarters.

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