Law and Order Club: Paralegal and Criminal Justice Students Unite

Posted by on April 9, 2014

Yannette Phang graduated from Minnesota School of Business-Rochester (MSB) with an associate degree in December of 2012. She then re-enrolled in the criminal justice program in January of 2013 and will be graduating in Sept. of 2014.

criminal justice program

Yannette “Netti” Phang

She has always wanted to study criminal justice ever since she completed a biology project on forensic medicine in high school.

“I knew this was what I was supposed to do. For awhile after high school, life got in the way so it took me a bit longer than most to go to college, but now that I’m here (at MSB-Rochester) and almost done, I plan to make the most of it,” said Yannette.

Yannette joined the Law and Order Club to connect with more of her peers but found out it was even better than she expected.

Why did you choose the Law and order club out of all the other clubs on campus?

The Law and Order club is amazing!  To be perfectly honest, I believe it was called the Legal Club and it was for paralegals when I first heard of it. Then more criminal justice students wanted to be involved in it, and soon it became the Law and Order Club. I chose it over all others because it consisted of people in my field. I wasn’t trying to join a club just for the heck of it. I wanted to join a club that would help me meet more of my peers and get to know them better. After all, they are the people I will be working with out in the field once I graduate.

Who is the President of the Law and Order Club?

The current President of the club is Brianna Reed who just graduated last quarter. She is so organized and detail oriented that we really didn’t give her much of a choice as to whether or not she wanted the job. We pretty much voted and told her the job was hers. She is taking a break this quarter from school, but she will remain active in the club.

What is a typical Law and Order Club meeting like?
There’s no such thing as typical when it comes to our club. It all depends on what we’ve got going on. Next week will be our first meeting of the quarter and it will consist of hashing out details for all our fundraising events we will be doing this quarter.


Do you go on any field trips?

Do we ever! The club has gone on a couple of smaller field trips to the Adult Detention Center here in Rochester, as well as gone up to the Supreme Court to hear a couple of cases. However, our biggest trip was last summer to Washington, DC. I couldn’t have been more excited to go. I took over 500 pictures! We got to see most of the monuments, went to the Smithsonian (the fun parts), and visited the Crime and Punishment Museum where we participated in a CSI workshop. We went on a boat tour, went to the White House (outside) and got to take the metro everywhere! Overall, it was the best trip I’ve ever taken.

This year we are going to Chicago. We will be going on a Crime and Mob tour, a hop on/off tour, and get a city pass so we can get VIP access to some pretty cool places.

Would you encourage students to get involved with this club?

I absolutely do! I don’t want to dismiss the other clubs because they all have their own things that they do, but I don’t think any other club has as much fun as we do. We don’t only hang out in school or during the meetings. We get together outside of school and go bowling or to dinner. We are a family. And did I mention that we have our own shirts? (Thanks to Bri’s uncle!)

What is your favorite moment so far that you had with the club?

My favorite moment was the whole week of Rochesterfest where we did security. Brianna and I got partnered up the day of the parade and we got rained on pretty bad and we didn’t have an umbrella. That whole week the club really came together and we not only did a great thing by volunteering our time to help out, we were able to fundraise a significant amount of money for our trip to D.C.

“The Law and Order Club can be described in 3 words: fun, family and friends. I love the club, and I am so very proud to be a part of it. I hope to be able to continue to stay involved with it even long after I have graduated.

I would especially like to thank Megan Krenzer who has gone above and beyond for the club even with her new busy job as dean of education. We love her and want her to know that we appreciate her.”

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