Celebrate National Library Week at MSB-Rochester

Posted by on April 7, 2014

National Library Week (NLW) is April 14–18, which is week three of the Spring 2014 quarter at Minnesota School of Business-Rochester (MSB). NLW is an annual event that celebrates libraries and what they do for people.

MSB-Rochester will be hosting different activities every day of the week with several gift cards being awarded for iTunes and Barnes & Noble.

On Monday, April 14, there will be an open house where students can stop in, hang out and get some food.

Trent Brager, librarian at MSB-Rochester

On Tuesday, April 15, there will be a contest to see if someone can correctly guess the number of books that are on the shelves in the library. The closest guess wins the prize.

Wednesday, April 16, brings the unveiling of the library’s Spring Scavenger Hunt. Clues will be hidden in library books and students will have to decode the clues to find the next book until they find the last one, which has a gift card in it.

Thursday, April 17, will have a contest to see who can make the best Vine video about the library, or libraries in general.

For those of you who are not familiar with Vine, it is an app that lets you create a six-second looping video and post it online. Librarian Trent Brager created a few videos to advertise the contest with the help of instructor Ben Wehlage.

“I can’t wait to see what our students come up with! They will need to tag their video with #MSBRochLibrary to submit to the contest,” said Trent Brager.

Trent have a few tips for students who plan to make their Vine videos. “It’s really difficult actually. You might think that being only six seconds, Vine videos would be easy to make, but you need to make an entire story fit into a small window of time. My advice is to keep it simple and have other people watch it to see if they understand it. Complex story lines don’t work.”

Each contest fits with a different goal Brager has for the students. The Open House and Guess the Number of Books Contest was designed to let people know that the library can be a fun and friendly place.

The Scavenger Hunt allows students to feel comfortable finding books and tests their critical thinking skills—something that is necessary for our graduates.

Finally, the Vine Contest gets students using new technology and pushes their creativity.

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