Vet Tech Student Turns Dream Internship into Dream Job

Posted by on April 2, 2014

Veterinary medicine has many sides. Whether you choose dogs and cats, farm animals, or some of our exotic species, there is a niche for every animal lover. When it came to choosing a career path, veterinary technology student Ellorie Liljequist knew where she wanted to go. She has a strong passion for animals and decided that a career in vet tech was for her. When starting as a student in the vet tech program at Minnesota School of Business-Shakopee (MSB), she had not yet decided which area of veterinary medicine suited her best.

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Vet tech student Ellorie Liljequist with a lab animal

Throughout the beginning of her classes, she was excited to learn everything.  Ellorie was able to work hands on with the animals in her first quarter, which helped to drive her passion. During her second year, Ellorie had the opportunity to tour Research Animal Resources (RAR), a research laboratory at the University of Minnesota, during one of her courses here at MSB.

During this visit, her eyes were opened to new possibilities. While Ellorie had experience working with lab animals at PetSmart, she hadn’t thought about turning it into a career. Once she realized that working as a research technician would help her give a voice to those that do not have one, she knew what she wanted to do.  She soon realized that she could pursue a career helping ensure that these animals receive the best care possible.

Once Ellorie realized that she had the opportunity to do her internship at the research facility, she applied immediately. While it is competitive to get into specialized internships, she had the determination to get accepted at RAR. This is where her dreams started to turn into reality.

Ellorie says, “Through my internship, I am learning as much as possible and making positive connections with people in this field to hopefully help me to obtain a position at RAR. Working there would be a dream job because every day brings something new; there is variety in the species you get to work with as well as the people involved in the research process. There is always room for more growth as new medical advances continue to be made.”

Since starting her internship, Ellorie has interviewed and has been offered a position with RAR. She is excited about what this means for her future. She is starting out part time with the potential to become a full-time employee with the University in the future.

While being a research technician may not be in the cards for everyone, Ellorie knows it is her niche. She turned a simple field trip into a passion that fueled her into getting a job that she loves.

Written by Veterinary Technology Program Chair Cassie Panning


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