Ethical Issues Are Everywhere

Posted by on March 31, 2014

What are ethics? According to Merriam-Webster, ethics is “an area of study that deals with ideas about what is good and bad behavior: a branch of philosophy dealing with what is morally right or wrong.”

Throughout the winter quarter at Minnesota School of Business-Brooklyn Center campus, students in the Applied Ethics course learn specifically about the role and purpose of ethics in the professional setting. While reading a textbook, listening to a lecture, and having group discussions adds to learning about this topic, the best way to gain understanding is by speaking with those in the “real world.”

To take it to that next level, students in the class found businesses in their community that were similar to the profession that they are aspiring to work in after graduation. The students interviewed individuals at the businesses to learn about real life ethical dilemmas and how the companies deal with those issues as they come up.

The various findings that each student had were then compiled into a book of ethical situations, which will be located in the campus library. The book will allow all students to find out how companies deal with various dilemmas in their field of study.

According to Jim Cook, instructor for the course, “Students were amazed as to the amount of ethical concern there was in any given job. Learning about the concerns directly from the individuals at the businesses really drove home that it does not matter what area of field you work in; these ethical issues are everywhere.”

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