Winter 2014 Graduation at MSB-Rochester a Special Event

Posted by on March 28, 2014

Thirty new people became Minnesota School of Business (MSB) alumni on Friday March 21, 2014.

The graduation ceremony was held at Century High in Rochester, Minn., and represented a nice cross-section of students from MSB-Rochester.

The student speaker this semester was Brianna Reed and faculty speaker was Carol Berteotti. Both gave outstanding speeches. Brianna gave a very moving and touching speech about her life and how she turned it around and was able to complete the criminal justice program and receive her first Associate of Applied Science degree in little over a year and a half.

Director of Career Services Miranda Kulis talked with us about the recent graduation.

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Commencement speaker Brianna Reed

Apart from Brianna’s outstanding success, what are the other graduates working on?   

Over half of the graduates are already working in their field of study or are starting their career the week following graduation! These graduates have worked hard to develop networks to help them with their job search and some have been offered positions directly from their internships! All of the graduates are special and are motivated to begin their careers in their chosen fields.

For graduates who will be graduating next semester, what advice do you have for them?

Your job search has already started. Make sure that you are demonstrating professionalism in your current positions, internships, networking events and applied learning projects. When out in the community, make sure that you are asking for business cards and contacting businesses you would like to work for to schedule job shadows or informational interviews.  Develop a professional 30-second elevator speech about yourself, your career field and your experience. Overall, stay In touch with career services! Remember we are here to help you!

Do you feel the local job market is improving?

I feel that the local job market is what a potential employee makes of it. For example, approximately 40 percent of job listings are actually posted. So if you are just focusing on watching job boards, you are only getting a small sampling of potential job openings. Many jobs are located and filled through networking efforts. So if you are coupling your efforts of online searching with calling potential employers, job shadowing and networking, your chances of finding employment in your field of study quickly dramatically improves.

What can graduates do to improve their chances of finding a job?

Networking and demonstrating professionalism are the keys for me. If you project yourself in a positive manner at your internship, even if you do not get hired there due to lack of positions, they may be able to refer you to another location. Also, these are people who have seen your skillset and your personality. Employers do network with each other. If you have been professional, they will tell someone that. They will also tell their peers if you are not demonstrating professionalism. These contacts will also turn in to your references! Again, make sure that you are staying in touch with career services!


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