IT and Game Design Students Host IT Week

Posted by on March 28, 2014

Winter quarter’s Richfield IT Association (RITA) IT Week at Minnesota School of Business-Richfield (MSB) was a rousing success! Students (and graduates) in the game and application development (GAD) as well as information technology (IT) programs united all week to play video games (shocking, we know!), provide iPad and laptop support to faculty and fellow students, and even demonstrate how to build an app.

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Game design and IT students host IT Week.

The week started with spirited rounds of Halo Anniversary and Blur video games. Students Joel Brown (IT), David Jankowski (GAD), Stephen Fisher (GAD), Austin Francis (GAD), Brandon Zimmerschied (GAD), Dennis Plamann (GAD), Brad Betterman (IT), and Amber Kennedy (GAD) all enjoyed engaging with the games or simply chatting and watching others play. They may have enjoyed it even more when the pizzas (provided by IT Program Chair Richard Grieman) were laid out!

Next, Brad presented a walk-through on how to build a JAVA application for Android devices. IT instructor Richard Chessnoe, students Joel, Stephen and Les Ochs (IT) listened as Brad demonstrated how, using JAVA programming language, he built a piggy bank app, a weight conversion app, and a James Bond filmography app. Instructor Richard said of the James Bond app: “It’s outstanding! I’d like a copy of it!”

They ate some more pizza.

minnesota school of business

Game development and IT students participate in IT Week

Joel and Grieman visited classes throughout the week (at the instructors’ requests) to address student concerns such as setting up the Citrix receivers on their iPads, saving documents to the cloud, or accessing documents on their iPads that they had previously saved to the campus library desktops.

Professional communications class instructor Carol Jaeger put in her request after realizing that only two of her 20 students knew how to access the Campus Connect app on their iPads.

IT program graduate Dakota Brash said that his favorite thing about IT Week was the camaraderie: “[IT Week] is a gathering of like-minded individuals. It’s fun diagnosing a PC and seeing thousands of viruses! We had a lot of fun gaming last quarter.  Game week is awesome! Free pizza!”  (Did we mention we went through a lot of pizza?)

Student Austin Francis said that his favorite part of IT Week was “getting computers fixed.”

Several students new to RITA signed up for membership and are certainly looking forward to spring quarter’s IT Week. And of course, pizza.


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