Experience a Day in the Life of a Paralegal

Posted by on March 28, 2014

Minnesota School of Business-Blaine (MSB) Paralegal Program Chair Kofi Montzka and High School Coordinator Amber McCollow have established an ongoing relationship with students and teachers of Anoka High School. Kofi speaks to the criminal justice and law and politics classes, where she shares some insight about the legal field and the careers within, while Amber discusses the price of adulthood.

MSB Blaine High School Coordinator Amber McCollow teaching personal finance

Teachers enjoy having experts as guest speakers in their classrooms and students have the opportunity to consider a career option they may not have otherwise. “All the kids just love hearing her speak,” states Jessica Casper, Anoka High School teacher for criminal justice and law and politics.

Kofi begins her presentations by sharing the story of a challenging upbringing to encourage students that they can accomplish their goals no matter what. She goes on to address the educational requirements for being a paralegal professional and illustrates “a day in the life of” by previewing the career field in a series of news stories and video clips.

Kofi “quizzes” the young minds to then identify the area of law implied in the media stories. She also shows a surveillance video of a crime; the class is broken into two groups and debate whether the crime committed was first degree or in self-defense.

Amber is a visiting educator of the social studies department, regularly presenting for four different classes. She presents the class, “The Price of Independence: Surviving the First Year of Living on Your Own” to economics students, wherein they must prepare a budget and forecast the price of living a lifestyle the student desires.

Kofi and Amber look forward to these teaching opportunities to open students’ eyes to career options they may have never considered. “We love to motivate and inspire them to go to college,” said Kofi. “We like to give back to the community as representatives of MSB.”

Added McCollow, “We like Anoka High School in particular because the students are so engaged, respectful and appreciative of our time. It is nice because we are starting get to know the students and to feel a part of Anoka High School.”


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