MSB-Rochester Vet Tech Program Welcomes New Leadership

Posted by on March 25, 2014

Executive Veterinary Technology Program Chair Amy Doherty is looking forward to working with Dr. Catherine Morris as she assumes the role of Resident Veterinarian at Minnesota School of Business-Rochester (MSB); however, she will look back at the time she spent working with her predecessor Dr. Phyllis Leidall, who is returning to her full time practice of small animal and equine, as a great learning experience.

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Dr. Leidall

“It has been very helpful to have our new resident veterinary start while Dr. Leidall was still here. That way, Dr. Leidall had the opportunity to train Dr. Morris on the role and its responsibilities,” Amy said. “The resident vet role has numerous responsibilities that are regulated by the AVMA and USDA and can be tedious at times for someone new to the position.”

Dr. Leidall has worked for over two years in the MSB-Rochester veterinary technology program and has had many memorable moments with students and staff but one in particular stood out.

“Dr. Leidall had asked the student to put up the chairs in the classroom, so all the students raised the chairs to the highest position. When the students were asked why they did this, they all said that the doctor told them they had to do this,” Amy said. “So one day I asked the doctor why she had all the students raise the chairs to the highest position? The doctor said, ‘I asked them to put up the chairs meaning…push them all up to the table, not raise them.’ They all had a great laugh.”

Dr. Leidall has brought numerous things to MSB-Rochester: her extensive horse knowledge, real-world experience and the dedication that a person going into the veterinary field needs.

Dr. Catherine Morris, resident veterinarian at MSB-Rochester

“I have spent the last two years here at MSB-Rochester teaching and residing as the resident veterinarian in the veterinary technology program. Even though this teaching experience has been very rewarding, I miss the practice of veterinary medicine and will be returning to this following my departure,” Dr. Leidall said. “I have always enjoyed my profession and find it very rewarding to teach others. I strongly feel that well trained vet techs are vital for providing the highest standard of care to our pets in the field of veterinary medicine.”

She went on to say that the vet tech program at MSB-Rochester provides the students with a good understanding of what to expect and possible job opportunities as well as skills to begin their profession.

“I would like to thank MSB for giving me the opportunity to teach here and all the staff members for helping me to develop a curriculum and providing teaching aids to assist me in the education process. I also look forward to seeing some of these students out in the field of veterinary medicine,” Dr. Leidall concluded.

Dr. Leidall’s replacement will be Dr. Catherine Morris, who is from the Austin area. She has been working with small animals as well as in large animal.

Both staff and students will greatly miss Dr. Leidall, but there is already talk of field trips to her farm and guest speaking. Good luck and thank you, Dr. Leidall!


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