Do You Know How to Properly Trim Your Pet’s Nails?

Posted by on March 25, 2014

Minnesota School of Business-Shakopee (MSB) students in Kay Stoller’s Introduction to Veterinary Technology course recently did their applied learning project on the topic of the importance of trimming nails on cats and dogs. The students researched proper restraint and nail trimming techniques and then made an informational brochure that was handed out on campus and displayed in the student commons.

vet tech program

Vet Tech students presenting on nail trimming

Vet tech students presented their project on campus as well. Students Megan Schoenbauer, Marie Engberg, Nickole Berrios, Ali Bolden, and Alana Lamkin talked about how to properly restrain an animal and then how to trim nails. After the demonstration, they showed the video they made, which included the students showing how to restrain a cat and a dog and how to use various trimming tools to trim nails. The video was filmed on their iPads in one of the vet labs on the Shakopee Campus. This video can be found here. The video will also be shown on the campus closed circuit television in order to educate more people.

Audience members commented that they learned a lot from the demo and that they will pay more attention to trimming nails on their pets from now on in order to prevent disease and injury.

The Veterinary Technology Program Chair Cassie Panning was also in attendance and commented, “The students were very prepared for their presentation. They were able to educate the audience on the importance of nail trimming while practicing their client education skills in front of group. I was very impressed with their abilities to share their knowledge.”


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