Vet Tech Students Balance School and Careers

Posted by on March 21, 2014

Vet tech students (from left to right): Laura Baumgart, Laura Baumgart, Brynn Schuldt and Kelsey Perkins

It can seem quite overwhelming to go to school while juggling a job or two (or three). However, vet tech program students, Laura Baumgart, Kelsey Perkins and Brynn Schuldt, are perfect examples of how you can be a successful full-time student while managing a job and going to school.

All three Minnesota School of Business-Plymouth (MSB) students are taking 14 credits while working two or three jobs. Kelsey works as a vet assistant and CNA, Laura works as a vet tech, MSB tutor and an animal care associate, and Brynn works as a kennel assistant and silk screen printer.

“These students are demonstrating that they excel at time management and multitasking. This is excellent to highlight on your resume to employers,” said MSB-Plymouth’s Director of Career Services Stacey Schmitt.

What would be your advice for success to someone just starting the veterinary technology program?

Brynn: My advice is to never take the summer off! The more time you take off, the harder it is to keep the skills fresh in your mind.

Kelsey: Gain experience in your field while going to school. Students in my classes who had experience working with animals stood out because of their advanced knowledge and skills. That motivated me to find a position related to my field. And work with career services and begin building your resume while going to school.

Laura: Take advantage of the tuition benefits and take 12 or more credits. Being a full-time student allows you to graduate sooner and begin your career faster! Find a job while going to school to gain exposure to vet clinics and animals.

How are you able to juggle going to school full time while working?

Everyone agrees that time management and prioritizing are essential. Our advice is to plan your week out in advance and schedule specific nights to study. Each of us was lucky enough to find employers that were flexible and understanding.  Also, it helps to have supportive classmates that are experiencing the same stress, so we often study together.

What’s been the best part about your MSB experience so far?

We enjoyed participating in “A Day in the Life of a Vet Tech” with high school students this quarter. We also love the one-on-one attention each student receives from the approachable and flexible instructors. MSB has small class sizes, and it allows students to feel comfortable asking questions during class.

You are all graduating this spring. What are your post-graduation plans?

Laura: To find a job either in animal research or an emergency clinic.

Kelsey: To work in a zoo, wildlife rehab or an emergency clinic.

Brynn: To find a position in research, but I am keeping my options open.

Thank you Laura, Kelsey and Brynn for inspiring others with your motivation and determination!


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