Need a Job? Career Services is Here for You

Posted by on March 21, 2014

Nearly all college students experience stress while in school, and one of the primary causes is worrying about finding the job that launches their future career. Enter the Minnesota School of Business Career Services department.

Career Services Team: (left to right) Sarah Bjorstrom, Jessica Ward, Hailey Olson, Shannon Templin

At the St. Cloud campus, Career Services Director Shannon Templin and his team of dedicated coordinators commit themselves to instilling students with the confidence they need to succeed in a competitive marketplace.

“We help students take all of their life experience and education and organize it into a meaningful and persuasive format that employers can connect and relate to,” he says. “We help students develop a job search plan, build a resume and cover letter, or conduct a mock interview to help build competence and confidence.”

Teaching students how to sell themselves, how to create a personal brand, is a top priority of the department.

“By meeting with us and being open to tips and suggestions,” explains Career Services Coordinator Jessica Ward, “the students build upon their strengths and learn to create a positive impression.”

Templin notes that future graduates have reason to be cautious about the future. “In today’s global marketplace, employers demand immediate results from employees in order to be competitive and stay ahead of the competition.They want new employees to come into the company and produce immediate results.”

“New employees must be able to adapt quickly and use critical thinking skills to solve problems,” he adds.

But Templin shares good advice with his students on how to be ready for the modern workplace. “In order to place yourself at a competitive hiring advantage, get related experience as soon as possible. By joining student associations or volunteering, you can truly set your skills above other candidates.”

Over the years, Templin and his team have gathered a number of valuable tips on how to make that first job happen.

  • Be flexible and open to stepping stone opportunities that lead you to your dream job
  • Learn from rejection and the feedback given to you
  • Don’t give up and keep a strong network of support to pull you through tough times
  • Remember: Career Services is trained to help students and graduates navigate this process

Jessica Ward gives free career advice

Templin also reminds students, “Building a career takes time, so don’t get discouraged. You have to earn your way and prove your skills to an employer, even with a new college degree. Be patient, observe, and formulate a plan of how your individual brand will be able to help the employer.”

“Be prepared to work and put in longer hours,” he recommends. “This process will help to enhance your skillset and build your experience, which makes you more marketable and desirable to employers.

Career Services Coordinator Hailey Olson wants students to remember perhaps the best part of Career Services of all, “Our assistance doesn’t stop after graduation either—we offer life-long assistance to our alumni.”

So now or later, make the call or drop in for a one-on-one session. Career Services is here to help.

Thank you for your Interest in Minnesota School of Business.