Flu Shots – Do You Get One?

Posted by on March 18, 2014

Doctor’s offices, clinics, and even the media tell individuals every year to protect themselves with a flu shot. However, many patients are skeptical about how the little poke will affect them immediately and whether the vaccine will do more harm than good.

Tammy Krienke, Eric Verkinnes and Liz Ramirez

Students in the Public Health course at Minnesota School of Business-Brooklyn Center campus chose to do research on the flu vaccine for their applied learning project. After determining who should receive the vaccine and who should not based on the Center for Disease Control’s recommendations, the students compiled benefits and associated risks for those patients. In addition, the students put together a handout with the researched information and interesting facts about the vaccine.

The Public Health students then presented these recommendations to a set of classes on campus. Through completing this applied learning project, the Public Health students learned more about the flu shot and were able to educate their peers so that they may make an informed decision on whether or not to get vaccinated.

Liz Ramirez and Tammy Krienke are both medical administrative assistant students, and Eric Verkinnes is a health care management student. Ramirez said, “I was surprised to learn that you can pass the flu to others even if you don’t have any symptoms yet. I think knowing this will encourage more individuals to get vaccinated.”

Krienke said, “Knowing that there are many complications that can accompany the flu and that tens of thousands of people die every year from the flu are the kinds of things people should know about in order to protect themselves.”

Verkinnes simply mentioned, “I feel more informed about the flu now and will share with others in my life.”

According to Kara Kalbus, instructor for the course, “The students’ peers gained a better understanding of who should get the flu shot, the best time of the year to receive the flu shot, and information regarding the benefits and associated risks. The students were interested and engaged in a discussion following the presentation in which many stated that they were more likely to get a flu shot next year after learning more about it. This was a great project to educate not only my students but others on campus.”


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