Instructor Spotlight: Hockey Loving Dinosaur

Posted by on March 5, 2014

In the coming weeks, the Admissions Department at Minnesota School of Business-Shakopee (MSB) will be posting an ongoing blog, Instructor Spotlight.

Instructor Jay Moore

The first instructor featured is Jay (James) Moore. Jay is well known on campus for his love of the Minnesota Wild hockey team. As a loyal Minnesota Wild hockey fan, Jay was selected as a “Superfan” and had his picture printed on game day tickets, as well as on his own sports card.

Jay recently taught a whole week of courses while utilizing “T-Rex arms.” Jay taught his courses with T-Rex dinosaur arms because it was what he agreed to do if his jar raised the most money in the veterinary technology students’ fundraising efforts for Can-Do-Canines.

Jay has been an instructor at MSB for almost six years and enjoys teaching a variety of courses. For our upcoming spring quarter at MSB-Shakopee, Jay will be teaching Environmental Issues, Foundations of Math II and Foundations of Writing II. While Jay loves teaching in general, his favorite course to teach is Environmental Issues.

Backed with bachelor’s degrees in geology and english and a master’s degree in education, Jay enjoys teaching students how to live on and take care of our planet. Jay understands that we only have one planet Earth and that it is very important for us to be good stewards of Earth’s resources.

Jay’s tidbit of advice for students is: “Don’t take your college degree lightly or for granted.” Jay explained that he often hears students downplay their accomplishment of the degree level they are pursuing. He pointed out that not everyone in the United States has the opportunity to pursue a college degree and that students should take pride in their educational achievements.

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