Information Technology Students Enrich Website for Local Nonprofit

Posted by on March 3, 2014

For many nonprofit organizations, the needs are great and help is sometimes difficult to find. For Achieve Services, Inc., being able to work with Minnesota School of Business-Blaine students to alleviate some of their needs was a welcomed opportunity.

Bryan Mosner (student), Richard Sookun (student) and Paul Pederson (instructor)

Students in Web Technologies with Paul Pederson, information technology program adjunct instructor at MSB-Blaine, met with a representative from Achieve Services, Inc. to discuss their needs and how the class could help fulfill one or more of them, because the class has an applied learning component, as part of the curriculum. With applied learning, students are able to gain real-world, hands-on experience in their field before they graduate.

Among other areas, Achieve Services, Inc. was looking to improve their online job application and make it more efficient for both applicants and individuals hiring for open positions within the organization. This project fit in nicely with the course objectives for Web Technologies because the class requires students to learn to create web pages, write scripts and functions, and record and respond to user input.

“Because of the applied learning project, I learned how to create a full-functioning website using WordPress and relieved a major pain point for a local nonprofit organization,” said Bryan Mosner, information technology program student.

The project will soon come to a close, as the quarter ends in just two weeks. The students are preparing for the completion of this project and how they will deliver the finished product to Achieve Services, Inc.

“Students had the opportunity to learn about the inner-workings of the WordPress system, and to evaluate numerous options that were available to satisfy Achieve Services’ needs,” said Paul Pederson, information technology program adjunct instructor at MSB-Blaine. “Once they had gained familiarity with the tool, they were able to test various configuration options and alternate solutions. It was during these tests that it was discovered that a simple redesign of Achieve Services’ job category system would allow them to tailor their online job applications to meet their requirements.”


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