The Business Forum Show Provides Unique Experience for Business Students

Posted by on February 28, 2014

Business savvy is not easy to replicate but knowledge and experience can easily be shared and passed on to others who are eager to learn. It is this premise that has helped The Business Forum Show (TBFS) hosts, Kevin Hunter and David Ford, create a radio show that has inspired many.

TBFS, a business talk radio show, began in 1999 by Hunter in Michigan. Since its beginnings, Hunter has interviewed a variety of highly qualified business professionals in a variety of areas.

The Business Forum. Kevin Hunter, David Ford, Denny Chuba, and David Harvey during the first session of TBFS at MSB-Elk River

According to the TBFS website, the show’s mission is “…to help more businesses survive in today’s difficult economy.” They seek business owners and professionals from a variety of industries who can share their own experiences navigating the trials and tribulations of the economy and society. Through thorough research, Hunter and Ford have discovered and reached out to those that they feel have the best stories to tell and the best teachable experiences to pass on.

Recently, Minnesota School of Business-Elk River was given an opportunity to partner with TBFS to host a six-part broadcast on campus. The sessions provide students an opportunity to meet, interview and network with local business professionals in a unique environment. Two of the six sessions have taken place on the MSB-Elk River campus and have yielded amazing results!

The first session included guests, Jim Glomstad (Sportech, Inc.), Marshall Saunders (Re/Max Results), and Denny Chuba (Chuba Company), who were interviewed by business program students, Chris Dietsch, Rachall Mueller, and David Harvey, respectively. The students were able to ask each guest questions about their experiences as successful business owners and what suggestions they have for those that are pursuing a similar path.

Student feedback was incredible! Harvey expressed his appreciation for the opportunity and noted how unique an experience TBFS provided for them to network with those that may otherwise be difficult to connect with.

Business student, Kyle Kluenenberg, and Vince Egan, Sesame Street Live founder and producer, prepare for the interview

In addition to student satisfaction, faculty and staff were excited about the opportunity to host such an event. Brian Stewart, business program chair, has been an integral member of the team that brought TBFS to the Elk River campus and has been a huge supporter of its success.

“Student success is at the heart of everything we do at MSB-Elk River. Our partnership with The Business Forum Show has allowed students to gain knowledge and exposure to senior leaders of highly successful organizations. These experiences not only expand student’s understanding of business but also provide them with opportunities to network with well-connected individuals,” said Stewart.

The second session brought a big name to the Elk River campus. Vince Egan, of VEE Corporation, a live touring production company that focuses on bring a variety of shows to the local and global stage but most specifically focuses on a well-known production, Sesame Street Live.

Business student, Kyle Kluenenberg, was fortunate to interview Egan about his experiences and how he got to where he was today, which is a far cry from his beginnings as a pilot. The experience helped not only Kluenenberg, but all students learn about the opportunities that exist if we all just reach a little farther and open ourselves to the unique opportunities that are out there for all of us.

MSB-Elk River will host four more sessions in March and April. All sessions will be available via TBFS Radio, Blog Talk Radio, and Links will be updated as they become available on the MSB-Elk River Facebook page. For more information about the show and upcoming guests, check out or MSB-Elk River’s Installment or Facebook page.

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