Why Partnering with Staffing Agencies Improves Graduate Success

Posted by on February 25, 2014

Graduates can sometimes be nervous about working with a staffing agency, however, the Career Services Department at Minnesota School of Business-Lakeville (MSB) has formed multiple partnerships with many staffing agencies that offer a variety of benefits to our students. Partnering with staffing agencies has given MSB-Lakeville Career Services access to positions that otherwise wouldn’t be posted. The MSB-Lakeville Director of Career Services, Amber Conrade, helps explain why partnering with staffing agencies is beneficial.

The majority of employers use staffing agencies. According to the American Staffing Association, between 90-95% of employers use staffing agencies to fill open positions. Working with staffing agencies gives Career Services the ability to expand their network and gain access to a variety of new positions.

The goal of Career Services and the staffing agency is to find a good fit for graduates. The Career Services department is dedicated to getting graduates into positions that align with their career goals. When working with a staffing agency, they also want to ensure that they are sending the best candidate possible to a job opening.

Accounting program graduate, Ryan Skluzacek, said, “Staffing agencies find out what type of work you’re interested in, and then they find opportunities that match your interests.”

By working together, Career Services and staffing agencies can meet student goals as well as employer goals to create employment solutions

Specialization Agencies. There are multiple staffing agencies that focus on positions within a specific career field. Robert Half Technology is an example of an agency that focuses specifically on the IT field. Accountemps is another that focuses on positions for our accounting program graduates. There are multiple benefits to working with Career Services and a field-specific agency such as increased opportunities.

Testing the waters. Ryan Skluzacek said, “When I first started my job search, I wasn’t very interested in short-term assignments. However, after realizing that my search was taking longer than planned, I decided to meet with several different employment agencies and consider short-term assignments. I just recently started a short term assignment at a small CPA firm, preparing tax returns during tax season. So far I love it!  I now believe that if you find the right short term assignments, it can be great experience and a great resume builder.”

Multiple MSB-Lakeville graduates have utilized temporary positions to test out certain areas of a career field as well as gain experience. When attending a career college such as Minnesota School of Business, there are multiple positions that can be obtained in each field. Many students are unsure which area they would like to pursue after graduation. Working with staffing agencies allows students to work temporary positions in the field to get a feel of different opportunities available.

Written by Amber Conrade, Director of Career Services at MSB-Lakeville


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