Alumni Spotlight: Ryan Skluzacek from MSB-Lakeville

Posted by on February 18, 2014

Ryan Skluzacek graduated in December with his Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree from Minnesota School of Business-Lakeville. Since graduating he has received multiple job offers and has remained active in his field. Ryan’s dedication and hard work is motivation for students who are just starting a degree program or are in their final stages. See what advice he had to give and why he went into the field!

Ryan Skluzacek, accounting program graduate

“Accounting has so many different areas one could specialize in, giving me the ability to find something I enjoy. I’ve always enjoyed working with numbers and analyzing things such as financial information. I’m detail oriented, organized, proficient with computers, and have exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, making me a good fit for a career in this field,” Ryan said.

Some of his long term goals in the field include becoming a Certified Public Accountant and getting into an organization that he can grow with.

A dedicated student, Ryan was part of the DECA program and participated in several events throughout the years. Meeting new people and gaining experience at

 Minnesota School of Business gave him an opportunity to network and develop his skills.

“The thing I enjoyed the most was just seeing my progress from when I started school to where I’m at now,” Ryan said. “My teachers, classmates and the MSB staff were always willing to answer any questions I had or assist me with things.”

Ryan has advice for other students pursuing an accounting degree.

“Work hard and don’t give up. It may get hard at times, but it goes fast and you’ll be done before you know it! It is very important to set aside time to just focus on your school work; find quiet places to study and make sure to ask questions if you need help,” Ryan said. “Like many others, I worked while in school, so it is important to stay organized and plan out your day to get everything done. Make sure to network with people throughout your time at MSB because this could someday help you find a job. You can also use teachers as references. I recommend joining DECA!  It really helped with with my speaking and presentation skills. I used to be terrified of job interviews and now I go into these situations feeling confident. I believe a lot of this comes from the practice I got through this program.”


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