Students Become Amateur Filmmakers While Stomping out Bullying

Posted by on February 13, 2014

Students in Bill Hire’s Ethics course at the Minnesota School of Business-Shakopee decided to investigate one of the most important dilemmas facing young people today: the issue of bullying. In order to incorporate the new technology we now have, iPads, the students decided to not only investigate and research the issue, but also to make a movie about bullying using iMovie. Students felt this would be fun as well as informative.

The project began with students researching the ethical problem of bullying and investigating aspects such as: why does bullying exist; why has this issue become so pronounced over the last few years; who tends to bully more, males or females; how can bullying be stopped, and how can this problem be dealt with more effectively in the future.

Students gathered all their research findings and then had to decide how to portray the problem through the use of a movie. They decided to involve other members of the Shakopee Campus in their movie, including other students and faculty.

The students put together a role-playing scenario in which a student in a classroom setting was being bullied in two ways: by a fellow student and by an instructor. The first scene showed a student being bullied by another student, and showed ways in which the student could overcome this; by speaking to the instructor and the administration of the school.

The second scene involved a student being bullied by an instructor. Again, the movie explained ways in which the student could end this treatment by his/her instructor by speaking to other students and faculty who brought this incident to the attention of the Campus Director.

The last scene of the movie involved role-playing a type of bullying which is on the rise today: cyberbullying. A student is shown on her iPad in the student lounge looking at her Facebook page. She notices that other people are making fun of her posts and tell her that she is a “loser.” She decides to handle the situation by “unfriending” them and deleting them.

Once the iMovie was finished, the students copied it onto a DVD and showed it to students and faculty at the MSB-Shakopee campus. They were also able to download it onto the closed circuit television on campus so that others could view it and learn about bullying. In the future, the movie may be placed on YouTube for others to learn from as well.

All in all, the students had a fun time making a movie using their iPad, while at the same time learning about how to deal with such an important ethical issue facing society today. In addition, the students were also able to educate the public about bullying.

Faculty contributor: Jay Moore-Shakopee Campus

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