The iPad Doctor is “IN”: MSB Staff Take Lucy’s Place

Posted by on January 31, 2014

Educational User Experience and iPads are here and in full swing!! With its introduction at Minnesota School of Business, students and staff are experiencing new ways to integrate technology and hands-on learning in the classroom. These efforts are also being experienced on campus as a whole. At MSB-Elk River, this initiative has made an incredible impact where students and faculty have embraced the use of a variety of apps in the classroom, such as Nearpod, Socrative, iTunesU, Glassdoor, etc.

Staff and students have discovered that iPad use is not without its hurdles, however, and staff has begun the process of researching and surveying the campus to determine where the Educational User Experience initiative has been the most successful and which areas are presenting the biggest challenges. To kick off the campus efforts to fully integrate Educational User Experience, the campus events committee set up an iPad booth during Week 3 to help students with questions and to chat about their experiences with the iPad and new technology on campus.

iPad Doctor, Michael Schneider

The booth was operated by campus iPad “Doctors” for 4 hours during two different days. Students were able to enjoy snacks and cider while asking questions and chatting with the specialists.

Information about common apps, AppleCare, and general iPad use were provided and the feedback was positive from all involved.

Michael Schneider, campus librarian and campus “iPal”, was able to sit in the doctor’s chair during the session. “The students are starting to embrace and learn the ins and outs of the iPad, knowing its limitations, but also learning how powerful and useful of a tool it is going to be and was thought it would be,” Schneider said.

Several students stopped by the booth to ask questions, ranging from the use of AirDrop to music in iTunes to needing assistance with the Citrix Receiver app. A veterinary technology student, Laura Greenspan, shared her enthusiasm for the iPad and talked about all of the apps that are being used in her classes.

“Having the iPads in class is a great convenience for taking quizzes, discussion boards, and class participation. I feel more confident participating through iPads than verbally,” said Greenspan.  She is excited about their implementation and looks forward to their possibilities.

The Elk River campus plans to continue the momentum that Educational User Experience has brought the students and the exciting things that can and will continue to happen in the classroom and on campus.

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