Would You Like a Cookie with Your Career Advice?

Posted by on January 28, 2014

Last week, students pursuing nursing, IT, game & application development, health care management, and business degrees enjoyed hot chocolate, coffee, milk and cookies as they picked up job hunting advice from Liz Ashantiva and Diana Welter from Minnesota School of Business-Richfield’s (MSB) career services department.

Career services for students and alumni

Liz Ashantiva from career services offers advice to a student

Students attended the “Cookies with Career Services” event to delight in the sugary goodness while Liz and Diana shared their career-landing expertise.

Liz and Diana also unveiled a refreshed Job Board which features current job leads, upcoming job fairs and staffing agency listings.

The updated board includes new job searching resources such as handouts on cover letter and resume writing, as well as tips on interviewing and using LinkedIn.

It turns out that both Diana and Liz are enthusiastic advocates of utilizing LinkedIn for networking and spotting job leads. Many students didn’t know they could apply for jobs through LinkedIn let alone have profiles, so learning about its usefulness was enlightening.

“LinkedIn allows you to search and apply for jobs, follow companies, join groups related to your career field, and have professional exposure to other professionals,” said Diana.

Liz added, “LinkedIn is the resume tool for the 21st century. You can’t really get along in the working world without it. It may not be for everyone, but it should be for most professionals.”

Liz and Diana were also quick to showcase the Career Connect handouts. One of the most useful benefits of choosing MSB to earn a degree is Career Connect. Career Connect unites students and employers by providing a one-stop portal for students to upload their resumes, search and apply for jobs, and for employers to post job openings and scout out potential candidates.

career services for students and alumni

Diana Welter from career services with nursing students

Diana emphasized to students the importance of developing good interview skills. She recommended attending job fairs to practice interviewing with as many potential employers as possible–even if it’s for a job you ultimately don’t really want.

Both Diana and Liz strongly recommended that students visit career services before graduation, not just after.

“The goal is to have the student working in their field by their last quarter. Many students don’t realize that they can actually work in their field before graduation,” Diana stated.

It is also vital to stay in contact with career services after graduation.

Diana said, “It is important to know how the job search is going, if the students are interviewing, if the resume needs to be tweaked. The goal is to get the graduate from school to work.”

Career services is one of the best supports in getting a job. MSB provides that benefit to graduates—for a lifetime,” added Liz.

It looks like cookies and career advice were meant to go together.

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