How to Use Your iPad to Practice for Your Next Job Interview

Posted by on January 24, 2014

Career Capstone is a class at Minnesota School of Business-Blaine (MSB) that coaches students in preparing for their career search and highlights practice for students seeking experience, including resumes, cover letters, mock interviews, and networking. Members of the career services department typically instruct this course. Career services also coordinates on-campus events to give students opportunities to use all of these skills, such as career fairs and volunteer fairs.

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Melissa Young, Director of Career Services at MSB-Blaine

“When I thought of what types of apps I wanted to use in my Career Capstone class, I thought that apps to help students with interview questions and networking would be especially helpful,” said Melissa Young, director of career services at MSB-Blaine. “I wanted to expand on that idea to include something we could use in multiple class sessions. I wanted students to practice out loud with interview questions and the 60 second commercial, or career networking message, because practicing out loud is more effective than practicing silently. You are your own worst critic and when you hear your message played back, you can use that as an ongoing resource to get better, and keep getting better.”

The app that Young ultimately decided on using for Career Capstone is called Instant Audio Recorder Lite, which is free. This app will also time the recorded message and allow the file to be added to your Dropbox or emailed.

Adds Young, “This is one of the best free audio recording apps that also allows students to save what they’ve recorded and go back multiple times to listen. Because people can be very critical of themselves, this tool can be very motivating.”

If you are interested in apps to help you with your own career search stop in to see the MSB-Blaine team:

Melissa Young, Director of Career Services

Kelly Bresin, Career Services Coordinator

Jessie Karnis, Career Services Assistant

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