MSB-Elk River Congratulates Summer and Fall Graduates of the Quarter

Posted by on January 21, 2014

Meet Summer 2013 Graduate of the Quarter, Maggie Scheel

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Summer Graduate of the Quarter, Maggie Scheel

Our Summer 2013 Graduate of the Quarter, Maggie Scheel, was chosen because of the spirit of determination she displayed throughout her time as an Minnesota School of Business student. Despite being a single mom, Maggie still found time to immerse herself in her college experience. She participated in student clubs and accepted student worker positions while attending the Minnesota School of Business-Elk River Campus. Her positive attitude and generosity quickly became a valued part of the campus community.

Maggie’s road to earning her degree in criminal justice blossomed out of her natural ability to quickly build a good rapport with just about anybody. She says she has always had a “knack for getting people to talk.” Her people skills and interest in the subject matter were complimented by a fierce drive to succeed.

Having been recently laid off, Maggie was contemplating the next step in her life. Maggie cites her son as her main motivation for returning to school. She says, “I was a single mom with no income and no education past high school. I wanted to set an example for my son that it is never too late.”

While enrolled in school, Maggie worked furiously to take advantage of all the opportunities presented to her. “I worked harder in school than ever before. I sacrificed a lot of time with my son, as he did with me, in order to secure a better future for both of us. I made the most of my time at MSB because I didn’t want our sacrifices to be in vain.”

Maggie is currently researching options to achieve her master’s degree. Although her presence is greatly missed on campus, we are very proud of Maggie’s accomplishments and wish her the best in her future endeavors.

Meet Fall Graduate of the Quarter, Heidi Smith

Fall Graduate of the Quarter, Heidi Smith

Before beginning her journey at Minnesota School of Business, Fall 2013 Graduate of the Quarter, Heidi Smith, was reluctantly attending a local community college. Heidi enrolled there right after high school because her older sister had encouraged her to attend college and earn a bachelor’s degree. Yet due to a lack of involvement and connections, Heidi was not enjoying her educational experience and was looking to make a change when she attended a college fair to explore her options.

As soon as she spoke with the admissions representative from Minnesota School of Business-Elk River, she was excited about the idea of changing schools. She eventually made the switch after learning that she could graduate in less time and would have smaller class sizes at MSB.

Heidi was drawn to the business administration program as this would allow for a wide variety of potential career paths. She explains that she loved having more time with her instructors and felt that her classes were engaging and definitely worth the investment. She feels like the combination of lectures and hands on projects gave her concrete business knowledge, and says “I feel like I could go write my own business plan right now.”

Heidi became very involved during her time as a student at the Elk River campus; she was a student worker and also joined clubs such as DECA. She explains that being a part of DECA helped her grow professionally and also provided numerous networking opportunities. Heidi encourages current students to become involved in DECA or other student groups. She adds of the experience, “It also made me more outgoing,” because she had to interact with so many new people. Heidi credits her time at MSB for helping her hone her dedication and persistence, both of which she is now employing as necessary skills in her post-graduation job hunt.

“This is my biggest goal ever achieved, and now I can cross it off my checklist,” Heidi reveals of earning her degree. Now, she plans on spending all of her time continuing her job search and looking for opportunities to volunteer in her community. She is looking for a way to give back now that she has free time on her hands.

Heidi continues to be an exemplary student even after graduation, as she has dove headfirst into her job search. Heidi has put her networking skills to good use and kept in contact with the MSB Career Services team in order to obtain valuable advice and interviewing tips. She believes staying in touch with Career Services and her other professional contacts will make a huge difference in her job search.


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